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Secure. Reliable. Global. Document Verification.

Microblink empowers businesses across the globe with reliable identity verification solutions, facilitating seamless experiences for billions of users

3 billion

IDs scanned and verified per year

124 million

users across our products

95 docs

scanned every second

99.9% uptime

ensuring consistent reliability


How can Microblink elevate your business?

Accelerate Growth

Quickly onboard customers with AI-powered document scanning, boosting your business’s growth.

Access New Markets

Effortlessly handle a wide variety of identity documents, making global expansion simpler.

Seamless Compliance

Seamlessly integrate our technology for full compliance with KYC, AML, and age verification requirements.

Fortify Against Fraud

Strengthen your defenses with advanced document authentication, minimizing fraud risks effectively.


Improve your customers’ digital experiences across diverse industries

Identity document scanning


Quickly and securely scan and extract data from identity cards, passports, drivers licenses, and more.

Identity document verification

BlinkID Verify

Verify ID’s in real time while increasing user experience. Fight fraud while ensuring growth.

Credit card scanning


Scan and extract data from credit cards entirely on-device ensuring sensitive data remains secure.

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Industry-leading UX

Our award winning UX removes friction and drives more completions.

In-house expertise

Leverage our AI & expertise via APIs/SDKs. Skip 10+ years of development.

Flexible solutions

Fast & easy integration. Expert support for any ID needs. 98% satisfaction guarantee.

We support 2,500+ different identity documents from over 140 countries.


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Discover the power of our technology in action

Our global customer base spans 60 countries across banking and financial services,
insurance, telecom, CPG, retail and more.

Accelerate ID scanning during KYC verification

First Abu Dhabi Bank partners with Microblink to accelerate ID scanning during KYC verification.

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Build a consumer-permissioned future

Discover how Attain is transforming the consumer-permissioned future with BlinkReceipt.

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Boost ID processing efficiency by 5x

Discover how BlinkID revolutionized Jurat’s user experience and contributed to their success in the digital notary industry.

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