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Digitize workflows and deliver fantastic user experiences with our variety of SDKs and APIs that eliminate data entry

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Microblink is a trusted partner to businesses of all sizes looking to capture, extract and transform data to deliver better customer satisfaction.

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Our global customer base spans 60 countries across banking and financial services,
insurance, telecom, CPG, retail and more.

Accelerate ID scanning during KYC verification

First Abu Dhabi Bank partners with Microblink to accelerate ID scanning during KYC verification.

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Build a consumer-permissioned future

Discover how Attain is transforming the consumer-permissioned future with BlinkReceipt.

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Boost ID processing efficiency by 5x

Discover how BlinkID revolutionized Jurat’s user experience and contributed to their success in the digital notary industry.

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AI Expertise

Solutions built for flexibility and innovation

For Microblink, it all starts with comprehensive data. With ongoing data acquisition, annotation, and training, our machine learning (ML) models can continuously learn and make more effective decisions. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver value for our clients, which begins and ends with data.

Industry-leading UX

Our best-in-class capture and extraction experiences remove friction and drive more completions.

In-house expertise

Our products and ML models are built entirely in-house, leveraging internal document and data annotation expertise.

Flexible solutions

Easy to integrate with broad platform coverage, flexible integration options, and a great developer experience.

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