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Build a better

workflow with AI-powered document scanning and verification

Enable frictionless customer experiences with automated image capture and data extraction.


Identify customers online
in one simple flow

Platform support for any integration.
BlinkID is available as a mobile or in-browser SDK, and as a self-hosted or cloud API. It takes our average customer less than a day to integrate BlinkID and successfully complete their first scan.
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Capture IDs at any angle
BlinkID automatically classifies document types – no preselection required – whether positioned vertically, horizontally or diagonally, placed on a table or held in hand. Our industry-leading UI, available in 23 languages, guides users to a successful ID scan.
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Extract and match
BlinkID matches data from the front and back side of IDs (including docs with barcode or MRZ data), ensuring consistent, structured outputs. Display a warning message if the person scanning or uploading their ID is below the age limit set by your organization or if the data from the barcode does not match the data from the front of the ID.
Optimize your verification flow
Shorten your verification process without compromising security and compliance. With BlinkID, verification processes occur in seconds and without a human in the loop. More than 35 identity verification companies use BlinkID to power their solutions.

From ID scan to data extraction
in less than 1 second

5x faster,
zero user interaction required

BlinkID’s scanning time is 5x faster relative to alternative document scanning solutions, driving higher completions.

+ 95% data

BlinkID delivers over 95% data extraction accuracy across diverse identity documents, including passports, driver licenses, residence permits, and more – regardless of document orientation or camera angle.

2,500+ identity

Onboard users effortlessly with our AI-first solution that handles more than 2,500 different IDs from 140 countries.
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Over 12 billion scans and counting


Say goodbye to manual data entry.
Say hello to fast and easy ID scanning.

Banking and Financial Services
Hospitality (e.g. rentals, property management)
Air and Travel
Gig/sharing Economy
Customer onboarding
Age verification
Online check-ins
Visitor management
Payment verification

What our customers are saying

Francisco León
“Banco Azteca was able to easily implement BlinkID across multiple mobile applications and use cases, whether users were trying to open a bank account or apply for a loan. We couldn’t be more impressed with how agile and versatile it is, seamlessly integrating with our onboarding processes while delivering accurate, real-time results.”
Francisco León
Francisco León TI Director, Banco Azteca
Jordan Gianos
“BlinkID was able to efficiently and accurately solve the problem of completing credit applications through our mobile app, replacing manual entry of 10 data fields with a quick scan of a driver’s license. On top of that, [BlinkID] was easy to integrate for our technical team, allowing us to go live and start scanning IDs in no time.”
Jordan Gianos Director of Product Management,

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Extract and autofill payment details
within your mobile and web apps

Capture credit cards at any angle
BlinkCard automatically classifies credit cards – no preselection required – whether positioned vertically, horizontally or diagonally, placed on a table or held in hand. Our industry-leading UI, available for 12 leading credit card networks, guides users to a successful credit card scan.
Extract and match
BlinkCard automatically extracts data, with the ability to configure custom field extraction, such as card number, expiry date and CVV — the data needed to make the majority of online purchases. Data can also be validated against data extracted from an ID for higher risk transactions.
Keep your customer data secure
BlinkCard’s lightweight SDK allows for on-device processing which keeps your customer data safe, and avoids expanding your PCI compliance footprint.

1700 +

BlinkCard supports 1,700 types of credit and debit cards, including cards with a vertical design.


BlinkCard’s customizable UI is available in 23 languages and counting.

26% Reduction

The decrease in unsuccessful attempts KEKS Pay users experienced when adding a new card.

Provide an easier payment
experience for your users
in any industry.

Banking and Payment Services
Travel & Hospitality

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Unlock first-party purchase data –
wherever and however that purchase
data lives

Capture insights from in-store and online purchases
Extract first-party purchase data at scale with our in-store and online purchase solutions. Users can easily snap or upload images of physical receipts for real-time purchase validation. Users can connect email inboxes or shopper accounts to begin processing online purchases without ongoing involvement. Our dynamic approach to eCommerce transactions and email receipts is designed to scale.
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Extract and enrich data down to the UPC
We return detailed first-party purchase data from paper and digital receipts, including fields like price, size, quantity, discounts, merchants, and payment method(s). Our product catalog of 15 million products and growing powers this data enrichment, ensuring only the cleanest, most accurate SKU-level data is returned. We only ingest products once we know they are actually purchased and clean the brand name and category to align with our proprietary taxonomy.
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Real-time, first-party data across retailers
With BlinkReceipt, purchase data extraction and validation can occur in seconds and without a human in the loop. Integrate our technology into your existing mobile and web apps to deliver CPG promotions, validate purchases, and power market research across retail locations.

Over $200 billion of purchase
data parsed

+ 95% data

BlinkReceipt delivers better-than-human levels of accuracy across physical receipts, eReceipts and online shopper accounts.

Over 15 million

Our product catalog is the largest in the world with 15+ million unique products and more added weekly.

3 billion

BlinkReceipt processes more than 3 billion online and in-store transactions every year, enabling ongoing product performance improvements.

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