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<br>Report: Best Practices in Digital Identity Verification

Report: Best Practices in Digital Identity Verification

<br>Optimize your Customer Experience with ID Document Scanning

Optimize your Customer Experience with ID Document Scanning

<br>Identity Verification Whitepaper

Identity Verification Whitepaper

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The Identity Suite

Identify users and documents securely, seamlessly, and globally.
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The Commerce Suite

Drive loyalty and revenue with detailed, real-time purchase data.

Proven cutting-edge technology.

Scalable, modular AI technology and constantly evolving algorithms behind a simple, stable API combine to provide an intuitive user experience no matter what industry you’re operating in.

100M+ end users
20+ different industries
3B+ documents processed
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MB Commerce TestimonialPhotos DaveMcGibbon
Dave McGibbon Co-founder and CEO of Passbase

Microblink’s technology is accelerating our progress by driving increased conversion and excellent customer experiences. Plus, the collaboration is first-class. The team is able to quickly shift from low-level technical problems to strategic decision making.

PhotoHeadshot Jonathan Doyon Formal Lrg Print 2
Jonathan Doyon Genetec Product Group Director for Genetec ClearID™

With Microblink, we’re taking away three major barriers standing in the way of efficient visitor management: manual check-in, identity verification and privacy concerns.

MB Commerce TestimonialPhotos Graeme Stoker
Graeme Stoker Chief Digital Officer at Honcho

At Honcho, we’re all about bringing more insurance providers to our platform, building upstream partnerships and really making our UX stand out, which is what Microblink is helping us do

MB Commerce TestimonialPhotos SergioAcevedo
Sergio Acevedo Director of Business Development, Launch Mobility

As for what the future holds, we believe in a sustainable way of getting around – one that’s connected, electrified and shared. Through integrations with the right technology providers, we’re able to empower companies which share that vision with us.

MB Commerce TestimonialPhotos RodneyWilliams
Rodney Williams Co-founder of SoLo Funds

‘Microblink’s technology is playing a huge part in reducing our sign up time. On average, members on SoLo are able to create an account in less than two minutes, which we believe is a best in class statistic.

IMG 4146.JPG
Francisco Alejandro Hernandez Leon Head of Innovation at Banco Azteca

At Banco Azteca, we cherish user experience and security above all else. Microblink is a partner that shares that outlook with us.

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