Microblink Leads the Charge in AI Innovation, Clinching the 2024 AI Excellence Award

Microblink Secures 2024 AI Excellence Award, Highlighting Its Leadership in Developing AI Solutions for Fast, Precise Document Authentication, Underlining Its Mission to Foster Digital Trust Globally.

Brooklyn, NY—March 20, 2024—In a significant recognition of its pioneering contributions to artificial intelligence, Microblink today stands as the proud recipient of the 2024 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award, announced by the Business Intelligence Group. This accolade marks a milestone in Microblink’s journey, spotlighting its revolutionary AI-driven document scanning and authentication technologies that are setting new standards for security and efficiency worldwide.

A Testament to Innovation and Excellence

Hartley Thompson III, President & COO of Microblink, reflects on the victory: “This award is not just a recognition but a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. It reinforces our mission to create user-friendly AI identity verification solutions to establish digital trust with speed and precision. We’re honored and inspired to continue our innovative work.”

Echoing this sentiment, Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer for the Business Intelligence Group, states, “We are truly honored to recognize Microblink with this prestigious award. Their team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative AI applications has catapulted them to this remarkable achievement. Congratulations to the entire organization!”

Revolutionizing Document Processing with AI

Microblink’s technology utilizes a unique inference engine to power its machine learning models, offering unparalleled on-device and cloud processing capabilities. This advanced approach speeds up integration, significantly enhances fraud prevention measures, and ensures a seamless real-time user experience (UX), providing businesses with a versatile solution that does not compromise security or efficiency. Try a demo.

About Microblink

Founded in 2012, Microblink has rapidly ascended to global leadership in AI-enhanced document scanning and authentication. Processing over 3 billion identity documents annually, the company boasts a staggering document processing rate of 95 documents per second and maintains a 99% platform uptime. Microblink’s cutting-edge machine learning models offer robust, secure, and flexible solutions tailored to a wide array of sectors, including government, banking, finance, gaming, travel, and cryptocurrency, which is pivotal in enhancing global security and efficiency.

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Discover more about Microblink’s transformative AI solutions and how they’re reshaping the future of document security and efficiency at www.microblink.com and LinkedIn.

About Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with a vision to recognize true talent and superior performance in the business world. Distinct from other industry award programs, this recognition is adjudicated by seasoned business executives, leveraging a proprietary scoring system to honor companies and individuals whose achievements significantly stand out from their peers.

March 20, 2024

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