Adding AI-powered credit card scanning to your web app is now easier than ever

March 12, 2021
Adding AI-powered credit card scanning to your web app is now easier than ever

Filling out forms with payment card data has never been this fast and easy.

In November 2020, we’ve introduced a new platform for BlinkID — your browser. This means that your users just need to hold their ID card, passport or driver license in front of the camera while BlinkID reads the document. If you missed the news, read more about it here

Now we’ve added our payment card scanner BlinkCard to the in-browser mix. With BlinkCard In-browser SDK, your users can scan their credit and debit cards to fill out payment forms faster than ever. The software works on the frontend of your app to  extract the most important information from the card, including cardholder name, card number, expiry date, card issuer, IBAN and CVV. 

Since it’s powered by our machine learning technology, BlinkCard is able to recognize thousands of different card types, issued by the likes of American Express, UnionPay, Diners, Discover Card, Elo, Jcb, Maestro, Mastercard, RuPay, Verve, Visa and VPay. BlinkCard works with the latest versions of all major browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge. 

Your users will love the BlinkCard experience because it’s easy and seamless, while business-wise, the SDK provides a great additional security layer to your onboarding or identity verification process. By combining BlinkID and BlinkCard In-browser SDKs, the time to enter ID and payment data is reduced to two short scans, without the need to type in any personal data by hand. They also eliminate the part where your users need to leave your website or use a mobile app to onboard for your products and services.

Try credit card scanning in your browser here, and if you’re interested in adding BlinkID In-browser SDK to your web app or website, sign up for a free trial on Microblink Developer Hub.

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