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April update: BlinkID enhanced

May 6, 2020
April update: BlinkID enhanced

April is the month of the awakening. Nature is blooming and so is BlinkID. With your feedback in mind, we’ve improved our product and added new functionalities that will make ID document scanning even better for your users. 

Thank you for your suggestions and please keep us up to date with your needs. Let’s see what’s changed with the latest update.

BlinkID can now:

Recognize 23 new identity document types

Instantly show document type and country

  • In addition to key user data (name, date of birth, address, ID card number, and so on) you can now see the document type and country on top of the extracted results. 

Help you carry out age verification

  • From today, you’ll be able to instantly retrieve the document owner’s age and ensure they are old enough to access your services or that they are who they say they are.

Spot printed documents

  • BlinkID is no longer colorblind. If a user attempts to present a monochromatic photocopy of a document, you’ll know it and can even deny such a scan. 

On mobile SDK:

Speak eight new languages

  • We’ve translated and localized the entire user interface on Android for your Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, and Spanish user.

Guide users toward better scans

  • We’ve improved in-app guidance for your users. From now on, when they hold their document too close or too far away from the camera lens, an on-screen message of your choice will pop up. You can set the desired distance from the edge of the frame that triggers that same message.  

Filter results by country or document type

  • In our mobile SDK, we have now given you control over which documents get processed and which don’t. Simply choose the country or document type you don’t want to scan in and we’ll take care of the rest.

Fit neatly in your app

  • We’re working hard on reducing the weight of our mobile SDKs every day so that your app can be as light as possible. Size reports have now become a standard part of our mobile SDK repositories. 

On Web API:

Scan both sides of ID documents

  • Combined scan for Web API means your users can now scan both back and the front side of their identity document from within your application. BlinkID will try to match the data on both sides to confirm they belong to the same document. 

Read blurry barcodes with ease

  • With the power of machine learning, we significantly improved the scanning of ID barcodes. We implemented the Barcode ML Booster feature which enables scanning of lower quality barcode images.

Newly supported documents:

  • Australia – Australian Capital Territory – Driver Licence / front only
  • Australia – Northern Territory – Driver Licence / BETA
  • Australia – Tasmania – Driver Licence / front only / BETA
  • Canada – Alberta – ID Card / BETA
  • Canada – British Columbia – Driver’s Licence/Public Services Card (Combined) 
  • Canada – British Columbia – ID Card / BETA
  • Canada – British Columbia – BC Services Card
  • Canada – New Brunswick – Driver’s Licence
  • Canada – Nova Scotia – Driver’s Licence / BETA
  • Canada – Yukon – Driver’s Licence / BETA
  • Panama – Driver License / front only / BETA
  • Panama – ID Card / front only
  • Singapore – Work Permit / BETA
  • Taiwan – ID Card / front only / BETA
  • USA – Alabama – ID Card
  • USA – Alaska – ID Card / BETA
  • USA – District Of Columbia – Driver License / BETA
  • USA – Idaho – ID Card / BETA
  • USA – Indiana – ID Card / BETA
  • USA – Kentucky – ID Card / BETA
  • USA – Massachusetts – ID Card (Mass ID)
  • USA – Oregon – ID Card
  • USA – Washington – ID Card (WA State ID Card)

Backside scanning supported on:

  • Australia – Western Australia – Driver Licence
  • Mexico – Voter ID
  • Netherlands – Driving License

Besides minor polishes and fixes, that would be it. You’re all set to crack on with these new features ⚡

Version 5.4.0 – mobile SDK (released April 28, 2020)
Version 1.26.0 – Web API (released May 4, 2020)

Get full release notes for Web API or your mobile platform here. Have a suggestion you’d like to share? Tell us how we can improve our products.

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