Fight fraud and boost revenue with AI-driven credit card scanning

With BlinkCard, payment forms are now fast and convenient while reducing card-not-present fraud by up to 95%.


Fighting card-not-present fraud

With BlinkCard's AI models, you can achieve up to 95% reduction in card-not-present fraud. Enhance your users' experience by providing effortless form filling. Integrate via our developer-friendly SDK and web API.

MacBook laptop displaying a credit card on the screen with a feedback message 'Screen detected,' focusing on the monitor glare.

Enhance security with screen detection

Stop fraud before it happens with our screen detection technology. It quickly spots tricky moire effects, recognizes headers and browser interfaces, footers, application bars, and smoothly adapts to different devices like mobiles, tablets, or desktops. It ensures accurate card recognition in any situation while handling brightness changes and glares effortlessly.
Try our fraud detection Try our fraud detection Try our fraud detection
Illustrations of three credit cards, with one being detected as a photocopy.

Spot the fakes with photocopy detection

Beat the second most common forgery! Our powerful technology spots black & white copies, abnormal edge detection, and the absence of illuminated security features. Boost the authenticity of scanned cards and supercharge your defense against fraud attempts.
Try our photocopy detection Try our photocopy detection Try our photocopy detection
Hand holding a credit card with a marked hand, indicating the 'Hand detected' feedback message.

In-hand assurance

Effortlessly detect and manage the presence of hands in the scanning area with our hand detection technology. Experience more accurate results and feel confident in your card-present scenarios with improved hand identification.
Try our hand detection Try our hand detection Try our hand detection

Showcase video

Simple payment form filling with fraud detection. See how BlinkCard seamlessly speeds up payments and detects card-not-present simultaneously.
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More insights into BlinkCard

Dive into case studies and engaging blogs to gain deeper insights into the power and versatility of BlinkCard technology.

iPhone camera UI showing a monitor screen with a displayed credit card and an error message originating from the screen.

Strategies for card not present fraud prevention

Learn all about enhanced security with automated card scanning, ensuring speed and ease while preventing fraud.

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Man holding an iPhone and smiling, expressing satisfaction with the credit card scanning user experience of KeksPay.

KEKS - a BlinkCard success story

How KEKS Pay made a great UX even better with BlinkCard automated credit card scanning

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Woman making an online payment and attempting to verify payment with credit card scanning on her MacBook.

Seamlessly and securely ensure card-present, high-stakes online transactions

Discover how you can mitigate the risk of card-not-present fraud with AI-powered credit and debit card scanning in a fast, easy, and secure way.

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Accelerate your app development and leverage our advanced technology to enhance functionality and deliver exceptional user experiences.

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Native Mobile SDKs

Enhance your Android or iOS app with AI-driven credit card scanning.

Cross-platform SDKs

Integrations for React Native, Xamarin, Cordova and more.

In-browser SDK

Scan credit cards inside a browser via a simple JavaScript integration.

Self-hosted API

Run BlinkCard as a Docker container on the backend of your web app.


Why BlinkCard?


AI-driven scanning and data extraction in real time


On-device processing for high security

Customizable UI

Make our UI feel as a part of your brand

In-house expertise

Our document experts ensure that we support all new credit cards

Easy integration

Quick integration and less than 5MB in size integration on mobile and web

Real-time feedback

Proactive feedback guides your users towards higher conversions

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