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BlinkID 5.11.0 product update: What’s new?

April 19, 2021
BlinkID 5.11.0 product update: What’s new?

The new BlinkID version gets every information there is from the AAMVA-compliant documents and understands a lot of new documents.

New documents in the supported documents list:


Albania – Driver Card (front only)
Albania – Professional Driver License (front only)Belarus – Driver License (front only, beta)
Belgium – Minors ID (beta)
Czechia – Residence Permit
Finland – Alien ID
Finland – Residence Permit (beta)
Georgia – Driver License (front only)
Greece – Residence Permit
Ireland – Passport Card (beta)
Ireland – Public Services Card (beta)
Kosovo – Driver License (front only, beta)
Latvia – Alien ID
Luxembourg – ID Card
Moldova – ID Card (beta)
North Macedonia – Driver License (front only)
North Macedonia – ID Card
Poland – Passport (beta)
Slovenia – Residence Permit (beta)
Spain – Alien ID
UK – Passport (beta)

Middle East and Africa

Algeria – Driver License
Burkina Faso – ID Card (front only)
Cameroon – ID Card (beta)
Democratic Republic Of The Congo – Driver License (front only, beta)
Egypt – Driver License (beta)
Ghana – ID Card (beta)
Iraq – ID Card (beta)
Ivory Coast – Driver License (front only, beta)
Ivory Coast – ID Card
Lebanon – ID Card (beta)
Morocco – Driver License
Mozambique – Driver License (front only, beta)
Oman – Driver License (beta)
Rwanda – ID Card (front only)
Senegal – ID Card
Tanzania – Driver License (front only, beta)
Tunisia – Driver License (front only)
Uganda – Driver License (front only, beta)

Latin America & the Caribbean

Argentina – Alien ID (beta)
Bahamas – ID Card (front only, beta)
Bolivia – Minors ID (beta)
Jamaica – Driver License
Mexico – Residence Permit (beta)
Mexico – Chiapas – Driver License (front only)
Mexico – Coahuila – Driver License (beta)
Mexico – Durango – Driver License(front only, beta)
Mexico – Guerrero-cocula – Driver License (beta)
Mexico – Guerrero-juchitan – Driver License (beta)
Mexico – Guerrero-tepecoacuilco – Driver License (front only, beta)
Mexico – Guerrero-tlacoapa – Driver License (front only, beta)
Mexico – Hidalgo – Driver License
Mexico – Mexico – Driver License (beta)
Mexico – Morelos – Driver License (front only)
Mexico – Oaxaca – Driver License
Mexico – Puebla – Driver License (front only, beta)
Mexico – San Luis Potosi – Driver License (front only)
Mexico – Sinaloa – Driver License (front only, beta)
Mexico – Sonora – Driver License (beta)
Mexico – Tabasco – Driver License (beta)
Mexico – Yucatan – Driver License (beta)
Mexico – Zacatecas – Driver License (beta)
Panama – Temporary Residence Permit (beta)
Peru – Minors ID (beta)
Trinidad And Tobago – Driver License (front only, beta)
Trinidad And Tobago – ID Card


Australia – South Australia – Proof Of Age Card (front only, beta)


Armenia – ID Card
Bangladesh – Driver License (beta)
Cambodia – Driver License (front only, beta)
India – Gujarat – Driving Licence (front only, beta)
India – Karnataka – Driving Licence (front only, beta)
India – Kerala – Driving Licence (beta)
India – Madhya Pradesh – Driving Licence (front only, beta)
India – Maharashtra – Driving Licence (front only, beta)
India – Punjab – Driving Licence (front only, beta)
India – Tamil Nadu – Driving Licence (beta)
Kyrgyzstan – ID Card
Malaysia – Mypolis (beta)
Malaysia – Refugee ID (front only)
Myanmar – Driver License (beta)
Pakistan – Punjab – Driving Licence (front only, beta)
Sri Lanka – Driving Licence (front only)
Thailand – Alien ID (front only)
Thailand – Driver License (beta)
Uzbekistan – Driver License (front only, beta)

Northern America

Canada – Tribal ID (beta)
Canada – Nova Scotia – ID Card (beta)
Canada – Saskatchewan – ID Card (beta)
USA – Border Crossing Card (front only)
USA – Global Entry Card (beta)
USA – Nexus Card (beta)
USA – Veteran ID (front only)
USA – Work Permit
USA – Mississippi – ID Card (beta)
USA – Montana – ID Card
USA – New Mexico – ID Card (beta)
USA – Wisconsin – ID Card (beta)

Back side support added:

Hungary – Residence Permit
Luxembourg – Residence Permit (no longer beta)
Mauritius – ID Card
Colombia – Alien ID (no longer beta)
Mexico – Baja California – Driver License
Mexico – Chihuahua – Driver License
Mexico – Guanajuato – Driver License
Mexico – Michoacan – Driver License
Malaysia – MyKid
Malaysia – MyPR

No longer beta:

Albania – Passport
Malta – Residence Permit
Switzerland – Residence Permit
Bolivia – Driver License
Chile – Passport
El Salvador – ID Card
Peru – ID Card
Singapore – S Pass (front only)

From now on, BlinkID:

  • Gets barcode data, face image and cropped document image (both sides) from all AAMVA-compliant documents. Even if the US driver license or ID card that end-users need to scan isn’t on our supported documents list, you will get all of the above
  • Extracts English gender values (M/F), as well as localized Spanish (H/M) from MRZ found on Mexican identity documents
  • Converts the Republic of China calendar (Chinese: 中華民國曆 or Minguo calendar) and the Islamic calendar (Arabic: ٱلتَّقْوِيم ٱلْهِجْرِيّ‎ or Hijri calendar) to the Gregorian calendar
  • Completes date of expiry and/or date of issue when they are written in partial form, for example:
    • Date of expiry
      2020 turns into 31.12.2020
      03.2021 turns into 31.03.2021.
    • Date of issue
      2020 turns into 01.01.2020
      03.2021.turns into 01.03.2021.

Please check Github (native & cross platforms/In-browser SDK/C SDK) and Docker Hub (Self-hosted API) for even more details.

For the best scanning and data extraction experience, please update your BlinkID to the latest version.

Version 5.11.0 – mobile SDK (released April 12, 2021)
Version 5.11.0 – In-browser SDK (released April 19, 2021)
Version 5.11.0 – ImageCapture In-browser SDK (released April 20, 2021)
Version 5.11.0 – C SDK (released March 26, 2021)
Version 1.35.0 – Self-hosted API (released April 09, 2021)
Version 1.35.0 – Cloud API (released April 09, 2021)

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