BlinkID for user registration in Malaysian telcos

September 15, 2017
BlinkID for user registration in Malaysian telcos

Read how BlinkID transforms the service in the biggest Malaysian telecommunication companies and our new partnership.

Mandatory SIM registration policy

In an effort to diminish security concerns, a number of countries in the world have passed the legislation regarding pre-paid SIM card purchases. That includes Malaysia, where reportedly false registration of SIM cards has been on the rise since 2015, and consumer’s’ personal information is at risk of being used for fake account registrations and sale to other consumers, especially illegal foreigners.

When purchasing a mobile SIM card, consumers now have to provide proof of identification in order to activate and use the card. Although identity verification can have benefits both in terms of security and for the users themselves, it seems like a too strenuous process for such a minor purchase.

Fast & easy data input

Celcom, Digi, Maxis, and YTL Communications are the biggest telecoms in Malaysia. Together they have over 25 million prepaid users in Malaysia. With such a huge customer base, they had to look for a solution to this issue to prevent the threat of SIM card sales taking a nosedive. This is where our computer vision technology came into play. By implementing a TOP-UP scanner and MyKad scanner into their solution, telecoms have shortened the SIM card registration time to just a couple of seconds. No typing involved – users can simply point their smartphone cameras towards their MyKad and SIM card, they get matched and that’s it. This way, not only did Malaysian telecoms meet the security measures, but they also didn’t take it out on their users.

Since the first introduction of this service, we have added support for several other types of identity documents in Malaysia and made it even more convenient for telco users.

Local partnership

We’re delighted to have been part of a project which has a direct impact on user experience and visible results for the client. We’re even happier to take it further from a one-time project by partnering with Innov8tif, a Malaysian tech company specialized in digitizing business processes in enterprises in Southeast Asia. Innov8tif recognized the potential of our technology and joined us on the mission to look for new opportunities for making business processes more efficient and user-friendly.

“BlinkID has helped our customers in the Telco industry to improve customer experience, as well as to meet regulatory requirements. BlinkID’s ability to provide high precision and fast mobile OCR for IDs has reduced customer waiting time while ensuring precise ID information being captured for prepaid SIM card registrations. We believe BlinkID is the best real-time text recognition for mobile apps and we are proud to be an authorised partner of Microblink for the Southeast Asia region.” – George Lee, CEO of Innov8tif Solutions

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