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BlinkID October product update: Spooktacular features

October 5, 2020

Boo from the Microblink crew, but don’t get scared. The only scary thing is how good the latest BlinkID release is.

✨ Here’s what’s new across all platforms:

Plastic Page Passports

BlinkID can now read and extract data from the visual inspection zone (VIZ) on the passport’s plastic page. Check out all supported passports here

Single line MRZs

Being single is not a problem for BlinkID. Here’s a list of European driver’s licenses with a single line MRZ that you can extract data from. 

FULL full name

Now you can extract the document holder’s middle name of the document from all AAMVA standard-compliant barcodes.

Signature photo

From now on, there is no need to extract the whole document image if you only need the signature. Here are the documents that you can extract the signature image from: 

Australia Victoria DL
Austria ID & DL
Brunei Military ID
Colombia ID
Croatia ID (on 2013 and 2015 versions)
Cyprus ID
Czechia ID (2012 version)
Germany ID (2010 version) & DL (2013 version)
Indonesia ID
Ireland DL
Italy DL
Mexico Voter ID
New Zealand DL
Slovenia ID
Spain DL
Sweden DL
Switzerland ID
UAE ID & Resident ID

Date of birth from the NRIC

BlinkID also extracts the date of birth from the NRIC found on the following Malaysian documents: MyKadMyKasMyKidMyPR and MyTentera.

24 new documents with anonymized fields


Mainland Travel Permit Hong Kong – MRZ (OPT2 containing the ID number)


Alien Passport – MRZ (Document number)
ID – Document number, MRZ (Document number)
Minors Passport – MRZ (Document number)
Passport – MRZ (Document number)

Hong Kong 

ID – Document number
Passport – MRZ (Document number, OPT1 containing the passport or ID number)


DL – Personal ID number
ID – Personal ID number, MRZ (OPT1 containing the BSN)
Passport – MRZ (OPT1 containing the BSN)


DL – Document number
Employment Pass – Personal ID number
FIN Card – Document number
ID – Document number
Passport – MRZ (Document number, OPT1 containing the NRIC)
Resident ID – Document number
S Pass – Document number
Work Permit – Personal ID number 

South Korea 

Diplomatic Passport – MRZ (OPT1 containing the resident registration number)
Passport – MRZ (OPT1 containing the resident registration number)
Residence Passport – MRZ (OPT1 containing the resident registration number)
Service Passport – MRZ (OPT1 containing the resident registration number)
Temporary Passport – MRZ (OPT1 containing the resident registration number)

Mobile SDKs features:

Flashlight feature

Your users will get a feedback message when they turn on the flashlight while scanning their ID. This will help them avoid possible glare and help them get the most accurate results.

Customizable UI 

Guess what BlinkID’s spirit animal is? It’s a chameleon, just like its spirit animal BlinkID is almost unnoticeable while being a part of any mobile app. Customizable elements can mimic an app’s look, meaning that your customers won’t even know the difference.

New supported documents:

Passports with a plastic page:

Chile (BETA)
Finland (BETA)
Hong Kong (BETA)
Ireland (BETA)
New Zealand
South Africa
Turkey (BETA)

Driver’s licenses with a single line MRZ:


Vertical US identity cards:

New York
North Carolina

Other documents:

Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador DL
Croatia – Residence Permit (BETA)
Guatemala – Consular ID
Malaysia – MyKAS (BETA)
Singapore – S Pass (BETA)
Uruguay – ID / front side only
Peru – ID (BETA)


Jalisco DL / front side only
Nuevo Leon DL (BETA)


Missouri ID
Texas ID

Back side supported on:

Azerbaijan – ID
Singapore – DL & Employment Pass

No longer BETA:

Slovakia – DL

Improved data extraction from MRZ on:

Russia Passport

No Tricks, Just Treats – if you’re hungry for more, please check Github (native & cross platforms/In-browser SDK/C SDK) and Docker Hub (Self-hosted API).

If you want the best BlinkID experience, please update your BlinkID to the latest version to enjoy the additional features.

Version 5.8.0 – mobile SDK (released September 30, 2020)
Version 5.8.0 – C SDK (released September 30, 2020)
Version 5.8.0 – In-browser SDK (released October 13, 2020)
Version 1.32.0 – Self-hosted API (released October 1, 2020)

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