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BlinkID product update: New paper and polycarbonate passports

September 3, 2021
BlinkID product update: New paper and polycarbonate passports

New BlinkID version in which we added 56 new passports is here — just in time for the whole world to start traveling again.

For starters, let’s meet two types of passports that BlinkID recognizes:

  • Paper Passport
    The first page, one with all of the personal details, is made out of paper.
  • Polycarbonate Passport
    The first page, one with all of the personal details, is made out of plastic. It looks like a big ID card — a modern version of a paper passport.

Now we can hit the road and go through all the new things we’ve added in this release.

New documents


Austria — Paper Passport
Belarus — Paper Passport
Belgium — Paper Passport (beta)
Bulgaria — Paper Passport
Estonia — Paper Passport
France — Paper Passport (beta)
Georgia — Paper Passport (beta)
Germany — Paper Passport
Greece — Paper Passport
Hungary— Paper Passport
Italy — Paper Passport (beta)
Kosovo — Paper Passport
Moldova — Paper Passport (beta)
Poland — Paper Passport
Portugal — Paper Passport
Spain — Paper Passport
Switzerland — Paper Passport
UK — Paper Passport

The Middle East and Africa

Algeria — Paper Passport (beta)
Egypt — Paper Passport (beta)
Eswatini — Paper Passport
Ghana — Paper Passport
Iran — Paper Passport (beta)
Iraq — Paper Passport (beta)
Israel — Paper Passport (beta)
Jordan — Paper Passport (beta)
Kenya — Polycarbonate Passport
Libya — Polycarbonate Passport (beta)
Morocco — Paper Passport (beta)
Nigeria — Paper Passport
Nigeria — Polycarbonate Passport (beta)
Qatar — ID Card (front only, beta)
Saudi Arabia — Paper Passport
Syria — Paper Passport
Tanzania — ID Card (beta)
Tanzania — Voter ID (front only, beta)
Tunisia — Paper Passport
Turkey — Paper Passport
Zimbabwe — Paper Passport

Latin America and the Caribbean

Argentina — Paper Passport
Brazil — Paper Passport (beta)
Guatemala — Paper Passport
Haiti — Paper Passport
Honduras — Paper Passport (beta)
Mexico — Paper Passport (beta)
Mexico — Nayarit — Driver Licence (beta)


Bangladesh — Paper Passport
China — Paper Passport (beta)
India — Paper Passport
Indonesia — Paper Passport
Japan — Paper Passport
Nepal — Paper Passport
Pakistan — Paper Passport
Philippines — Paper Passport
South Korea — Paper Passport (beta)
Sri Lanka — Paper Passport
Uzbekistan — Paper Passport


Australia — Paper Passport 

Northern America

Canada — Paper Passport
Canada — Weapon Permit (front only, beta)
USA — Paper Passport (beta)

Back side support added for

Greece — ID Card
Burkina Faso — ID Card
The Democratic Republic of the Congo — Driving Licence
Mexico — Veracruz — Driving Licence
Canada — Citizenship Certificate

No longer BETA

Belarus — Driving Licence
UK — Polycarbonate Passport
Argentina — Alien ID
Bahamas — Driving Licence
Mexico — Durango — Driving Licence
Venezuela — ID Card
USA — Kansas — ID Card

If you can’t find a document that you want to scan here, send us a message, and we’ll try to get it on our supported document list as fast as possible.

Changes across all platforms

  • Swaziland has a new name, Eswatini.  
  • If your user is holding an AAMVA compliant document and BlinkID doesn’t recognize its front side, it will extract country and region information from the barcode on the back side.

What’s new in mobile SDKs?

  • BlinkID extracts the date of birth from the document number on the South Korean identity card and the personal identification number from the driving license.
  • New anonymized documents:
    • Germany — Paper Passport — document number
    • South Korea — Identity Card — document number
    • South Korea — Driving license — personal identification number
    • South Korea — Paper Passport — personal identification number

What’s new with ImageCapture? 

You can choose which documents you want to include or exclude from scanning with the `captureModeFilter` setting — for example, documents with AAMVA compliant barcodes or any of the licensed documents in BlinkID FullRecognition mode.

In-browser SDK works even better. Why?

Because we’ve added support for WebAssembly SIMD, which increased BlinkID’s reading performance from 77% up to 94%. Please keep in mind that this feature requires a compatible browser, for example, Chrome 91 and Firefox 90 or newer versions.

Please visit our Documentation page in the Developer Hub to get even more details about these awesome new features.

To enjoy the best of BlinkID, please update your BlinkID to the latest version.

Version 5.13.0 – mobile SDK (released September 01, 2021)
Version 5.13.0 – In-browser SDK (released August 13, 2021)
Version 5.13.0 – ImageCapture In-browser SDK (released August 13, 2021)
Version 5.13.0 – C SDK (released August 02, 2021)
Version 2.20.0 – Self-hosted API (released August 04, 2020)
Version 1.37.0 – Cloud API (released August 06, 2020)

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