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Advanced data integrity verification

BlinkID Verify authenticates documents with unmatched precision, and thwarts advanced fraud attempts with sophisticated cross-matching technology.

Data format checks: BlinkID Verify guarantees the highest standards are met with meticulous format checks, aligning every detail within official guidelines.

Data logic checks: BlinkID Verify’s deep knowledge of document intricacies strengthens your security with unmatched precision.

Information consistency: BlinkID Verify’s sophisticated cross-matching technology guarantees consistency across all formats to protect against advanced fraud.

Enhanced security and liveness detection

BlinkID Verify improves the verification process by establishing the presence of the document holder and confirming the authenticity of documents.

Screen detection: BlinkID Verify accurately detects screen-presented documents, verifies real-time presence, and boosts security protocols.

Black & white photocopy detection: BlinkID Verify’s  black and white photocopy detection accurately identifies and rejects low-quality attempts, maintaining verification integrity.

Color photocopy detection: BlinkID Verify guards against high-quality color photocopy frauds.

Cutting-edge forgery and fraud detection

Our advanced platform and ML models detect and prevent document fraud, safeguarding against sophisticated forgeries and ensuring real-time presence during identity verification.

Barcode authenticity checks: BlinkID Verify’s explores AAMVA barcodes with detailed analysis, distinguishing genuine from fraudulent documents with high precision.

Face photo tampering detection: BlinkID Verify defends against photo tampering, using advanced ML methods that spot subtle inconsistencies.

Static security feature checks: BlinkID Verify authenticates through standard security features.

Built with developers in mind

BlinkID Verify’s APIs are designed to work out-of-the-box for a broad set of global identity documents and a wide array of capture strategies.
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BlinkID Verify features

Field format

Data logic

Information consistency (data matching)

Screen detection

Black&white photocopy

Color photocopy

Hand presence

Face photo tampering (US)

Face photo tampering (International)

Static security features

Document validity (expiry date) check

Image quality

Barcode authenticity check

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Our AI-powered products prioritize security and privacy, backed by our certifications.

We implemented a Information Security Management System which is certified by DNV according to
ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

We implemented a Privacy Information Management System which is certified by DNV according to ISO/IEC 27701 standard.