BlinkReceipt is coming to Orlando, Florida!

October 22, 2017
BlinkReceipt is coming to Orlando, Florida!

Next week at The Market Research Event we’ll be showcasing live our real-time receipt scanner.

The latest advancements in our proprietary tech gave rise to an exciting new product: BlinkReceipt, an SDK (software development kit) for real-time receipt scanning on mobile devices. It’s an amazing tool to get instant insight into consumer purchases on an SKU-level.

Wondering why this is so exciting? After all, we didn’t invent receipt scanning, it has been done before. But a receipt scanner which has no server-side processing or manual transcription, but still delivers instant results with 98% accuracy – that’s something that raises the bar. The main advantage is that the SDK works completely on-device and automatically extracts details from purchase receipts (all items with quantities and amounts, as well as retailer data).

If you’re curious to see how it works, stop by the booth #103 at TMRE next week! We’d be happy to show you the magic and talk about the great potential in many areas, amongst others:

  • Market research – detailed insight into purchases across the retail industry
  • Loyalty and cashback – instant rewards for consumer’s purchases
  • Banking – personal finance management

Till then, take a look at this real-life demo:

BlinkReceipt is one of the products from Microblink Ltd., a research and development company specialized in developing SDKs (Software Development Kits) for real-time text recognition in mobile apps. Our proprietary OCR (optical character recognition) technology has wide usage: from scanning ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses to receipts, TOP-UP, payment slips, boarding passes, and other.

Want to try BlinkReceipt yourself? Come see us in Orlando!

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