A product update that doesn’t require many words.

What’s new?

Besides reading vertical cards, which is BIG news, we’ve also added support for:

  • Visa’s Quick Read format in which card number spans four lines
Visa Quick Read format
  • Mastercard’s vertical cards with card number written across two lines
Vertical Mastercard card

This is BlinkCard’s first release for cross-platform apps built with Cordova, React-Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Capacitor.

Try these new features in your app

Take a look at our step-by-step tutorials, in which you’ll find out how to make BlinkCard SDK a part of your iOS or Android app. Visit our Github repos to follow along. Happy coding!

iOS integration

Android integration

If you’re already using our BlinkCard SDK, make sure you update to the newest version so that users with vertical cards can enjoy seamless data entry in your app, too.

We love getting feedback from you, as it helps us improve our products. Send us a message with your thoughts on what we can do better in our next release.

Version 2.3.0 - mobile SDK (released May 14, 2021)