‘Tis the season to introduce a lot of new documents and a couple of new features. Let’s start with the new identity documents that have made our supported documents list:

ID cards

New documents: 

Albania - Driver License (front)
Belgium - Residence Permit (front, back)
Bolivia - ID card (front, back)
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Passport
Cambodia - Passport
Canada - Residence Permit (front, back)
Canada - Manitoba -ID card (front)
Canada - Ontario - Health Insurance Card (front)
Chile - Alien ID (front, back)
China - ID card (front, back)
Colombia - Minors ID (front, back)
Cyprus - Residence Permit (front, back)
Czechia - Passport
Greece - ID card (front)
Haiti - ID card (front, back)
Italy - Residence Permit (front, back)
Latvia - Driver License (front)
Latvia - Passport
Lithuania - Passport
Luxembourg - Driver License (front)
Montenegro - Driver License (front)
Montenegro - ID card (front, back)
Montenegro - Passport
Netherlands - Residence Permit (front, back)
Nicaragua - ID card (front, back)
Nigeria - ID card (front, back)
Norway - Residence Permit (front, back)
Oman - Resident ID (front, back)
Paraguay - Driver License (front, back)
Peru- Driver License (front, back)
Philippines - Social Security Card (front)
Romania - Passport
Russia - Passport
Serbia - Passport
Slovakia - Passport
Slovenia - Passport
South Korea - Driver License (front)
Spain - Residence Permit (front, back)
Sweden - Residence Permit (front, back)
Thailand - Passport
Ukraine - Driver License (front)
Ukraine - Passport
USA - Arkansas - ID card (front, back)
USA - Connecticut - ID card (front, back)
USA - Green Card (front, back)
USA - Maryland - ID card (front, back)
USA - Minnesota - ID card (front, back)
USA - Nevada - ID card (front, back)
USA - New York City - ID card (front, back)
USA - Texas - Weapon permit (front)
USA - Virginia - ID card (front, back)
Venezuela - Driver License (front)
Venezuela - Passport

In beta:

Albania - Passport
Bahamas - Driver License (front)
Bermuda - Driver License (front)
Bolivia - Driver License (front)
Chile - Driver License (front)
Colombia - Alien ID (front)
Denmark - Residence Permit (front, back)
Dominican Republic - Driver License (front, back)
Ecuador - Driver License (front)
El Salvador - Driver License (front, back)
Estonia - Residence Permit (front, back)
Guatemala - Driver License (front, back)
Haiti - Driver License (front)
Honduras - Driver License (front, back)
Honduras - ID card (front, back)
Hungary - Address Card (front, back)
Hungary - Residence Permit (front)
Iceland - Driver License (front)
Israel - ID card (front, back)
Japan - Driver License (front)
Jordan - Driver License (front)
Latvia - Alien Passport
Latvia - Residence Permit (front, back)
Luxembourg - Residence Permit (front)
Malta - Residence Permit (front, back)
Mexico - Baja California - Driver License (front)
Mexico - Chihuahua - Driver License (front)
Mexico - Ciudad de Mexico - Driver License (front)
Mexico - Professional Driver License (front)
Mexico - Guanajuato - Driver License (front)
Mexico - Michoacan - Driver License (front)
Mexico - Tamaulipas - Driver License (front, back)
Mexico - Veracruz - Driver License (front, back)
Philippines - Taxi ID (front)
Philippines - Voter ID (front)
Poland - Residence Permit (front, back)
Portugal - Residence Permit (front, back)
Puerto Rico - Voter ID (front)
Slovakia - Residence Permit (front, back)
South Korea -ID card (front)
Switzerland - Residence Permit (front, back)
Taiwan - Temporary Residence Permit (front)
Turkey - Residence Permit (front)
USA - Kansas - ID card (front, back)
Venezuela - ID card (front)
Vietnam - Driver License (front)

Back side supported on:

Argentina - ID card
Ecuador - ID card
Finland - ID card
Nigeria - Driver License
Qatar - Residence Permit
Uruguay - ID card
USA - New York - Driver License

No longer beta:

Brazil - Driver License
Canada - Alberta - ID card
Malaysia - MyKAS
Mexico - Nuevo Leon - Driver License
Panama - Driver License
Portugal - Driver License
Saudi Arabia - ID card
Sri Lanka - ID card
USA -Idaho - ID card


New features 

  • If a personal document has a second additional number, for example MyKad’s document number on the back side — BlinkID will extract it and make it a part of the results.
  • Partial MRZs are no longer an issue. BlinkID reads the ones with 2.5 lines — for example, on Switzerland and Liechtenstein DLs.
  • BlinkID C SDK and all web platforms can now read MRZ better, even on low-quality images.

The gifts just keep on coming —  Github (native & cross platforms/In-browser SDK/C SDK) and Docker Hub (Self-hosted API) have some additional features for developers.

To experience the new features, remember to update to the latest version of BlinkID.

Version 5.9.0 - mobile SDK (September 17, 2020)
Version 5.9.0 - C SDK (December 17, 2020)
Version 5.9.1 - In-browser SDK (December 19, 2020)
Version 5.9.0 - ImageCapture In-browser SDK (December 19, 2020)
Version 1.33.0 - Self-hosted API (December 11, 2020)