Let’s start with 15 new additions to the supported documents list:


Azerbaijan — Polycarbonate Passport (beta)
Tajikistan — Polycarbonate Passport (beta)


North Macedonia — Polycarbonate Passport 


Baja California Sur — Driving License (beta)
Campeche — Driving License (beta)
Colima — Driving License (beta)

The Middle East and Africa

Botswana — ID Card
Sudan — Polycarbonate Passport

Northern America

Canada — Citizenship Certificate (front only, beta)
Canada — Ontario - Health Insurance Card (front only)
Canada — Quebec - Health Insurance Card (front only, beta)
USA — Military ID Card 
USA — Rhode Island - ID Card
USA — South Carolina - ID Card


Australia — Health Insurance Card (front only, beta)

Back side support added:

Ireland — Passport Card
Mexico — Puebla - Driving License 
Singapore — S PASS 

No longer BETA:

Finland — Polycarbonate Passport
Ireland — Passport Card 
Ireland — Polycarbonate Passport
Kosovo — Driving License 
Latvia — Polycarbonate Alien Passport
Latvia — Polycarbonate Passport 
Poland — Polycarbonate Passport 
Cameroon — ID Card 
Ghana — ID Card 
Iraq — ID Card 
Tanzania — Driving License
Turkey — Polycarbonate Passport
Uganda — Driving License
Bolivia — Minors ID
Chile — Driving License
Ecuador — Driving License
Haiti — Driving License
India — Karnataka - Driving License
India — Maharashtra - Driving License
Pakistan — Punjab - Driving License
USA — Global Entry Card
USA — New Mexico - ID Card
USA — Wisconsin - ID Card

As of this version, BlinkID knows how to:

  • Extract every information it can read, even if the document image quality isn’t the best. It also gets you a full document, face and signature image.
  • Extract NRIC numbers found on Malaysian documents, with an asterisk (*) as one of the characters
  • Give you an even better quality of fully cropped vertical images
  • Better parse dates from Bermuda driving license AAMVA-compliant barcode
  • Separate first and the last name from the additional name information, for example, Nom d’ usage, Epouse, Geb. etc. when scanning:
    • France — ID Card and Residence Permit
    • Germany — ID Card
    • Luxembourg — ID Card
    • Netherlands — Driving License and Polycarbonate Passport
  • Remove title prefixes — Mrs., Mr., Ing., etc. from the full name, first name and last name fields in the results for these documents:
    • Austria — Driving License and ID Card
    • Czechia — Driving License
    • Germany — ID Card
    • Thailand — ID Card
    • UK —  Driving License
  • Anonymize certain information on the following documents:
    • Document number on Germany Polycarbonate Passport
    • Document number on Hong Kong Polycarbonate Passport
    • Document number and personal ID number on Singapore Polycarbonate Passport

Please check Github (native & cross platforms/In-browser SDK/C SDK) and Docker Hub (Self-hosted API) for even more details.

For the best scanning and data extraction experience, please update your BlinkID to the latest version.

Version 5.12.0 - mobile SDK (released July 02, 2021)
Version 5.12.0 - In-browser SDK (released June 29, 2021)
Version 5.12.0 - ImageCapture In-browser SDK (released June 29, 2021)
Version 5.12.0 - C SDK (released July 05, 2021)
Version 2.1.0 - Self-hosted API (released June 25, 2021)
Version 1.35.0 - Cloud API (released June 15, 2021)