The templating API is an extension to existing DetectorRecognizer and MRTDRecognizer which are already part of BlinkID SDK. Until now, Detector recognizer could only be used for performing detection of various documents while MRTD recognizer only supported scanning of Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) documents.

Templating API can be used on 2 types of documents:

1. Templating API for MRTD (Machine Readable Travel Document) documents

This section provides guidelines on how to use templating API extension of MRTD recognizer to scan fields outside of the Machine Readable Zone. The idea of templating API is to let MRTD recognizer find and parse the Machine Readable Zone and determine the entire location of the document.

2. Templating API for generic documents

This section describes using templating API extension of Detector recognizer to scan fields in the documents without Machine Readable Zone. The idea of templating API is to extend the functionality of Detector recognizer.

Croatian ID card sample is used in order to explain how to use Templating API in both above-mentioned cases.


Code samples are written in Java, using Android BlinkID SDK. The entire code sample and step by step guide can be found on Github link.

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