Some hotel chains have already tried to solve the problem of queues either through their own mobile apps or check-in kiosks. While check-in kiosks and other methods of avoiding the front desk have become more common in recent years, integration of mobile technology into the travel process is spurring greater adoption across some major hotel brands. Imagine if you could simply scan your passport at arrival to the hotel and receive your key within a few seconds!

At Microblink, we developed an SDK called BlinkID that scans IDs and passports in real time. With our solution, a receptionist could simply scan the guest’s personal document in a few seconds, instead of having to enter data manually. This way, the time that the guest has to spend at the front desk is greatly reduced - and the overall guest experience is improved. No matter if it is done through a mobile app or at the counter, the process is significantly accelerated with this scanning feature.

However, with scanning of personal documents, there is always a concern about security and privacy protection. We have an answer for that, too! BlinkID scans documents in real time and does all the processing on the mobile device, so there’s no possibility of losing personal data on some remote server.

Every hotel manager that is determined on improving guest experience should think about new and modern technological solutions. With the use of mobile vision technology, guests can skip long queues and enter their rooms in a record time.

If you find these advantages attractive (who wouldn’t?) and feel inspired to improve your business with advanced, but user-friendly OCR solutions, feel free to explore our products and use-cases, or contact us below if you have any questions!