Microblink is an R&D company developing state-of-the-art computer vision and data extraction technology. Using advanced AI methods, we’re expanding the possibilities of computer vision and making it a valuable UX improvement in mobile and web apps. Businesses all over the world use our technology to streamline processes and create better user experience.

With several years of experience in our field, we noticed that clients are moving away from investing in point products. Instead, they require complete, well-rounded solutions to improve internal processes and delight their users, while also (ideally) reducing costs. We’ve been quite successful in tackling this uneasy challenge, but we’re well aware that we cannot do it on our own.

For this reason, we put our efforts into building a strong international partner network. Together with our partners, we have made amazing breakthroughs in various markets and industries, and we are now looking for new opportunities, primarily in the US, Canada, and EU.


Our values

From our experience with partnerships in the past few years, there are several common values which we find crucial for successful collaboration.

Innovation & know-how

We’re looking for companies with experience in working with computer vision technology, but more importantly, companies that have a good understanding of the clients’ needs and new opportunities for our solutions in the local market. In terms of know-how, we always seek to help our colleagues in partner companies to understand our business and know our products in depth. However, we also put a lot of effort into learning about and from our partners, because their insight and experience in the local environment are vital. Both parties need to understand which leads would be a great fit.

In addition, the span of resources and services also plays a role in partnerships. Businesses that offer a broad range of solutions for various industries have more possibilities in terms of building great UX with our technology. Our products have so far been used in mobile payments, identity verification and KYC, remote user registration, guest check-in, loyalty programmes, and other.

Enthusiasm & dedication

Our partners are go-getters. They are not strangers to new ideas, but quite the contrary - they are excited to continuously discuss and explore how we can bring our business to the next level.

We want to keep our solutions running efficiently at all times, so promptness and ability to immediately address any issues are crucial.

The overall customer journey is an ongoing life-cycle of awareness, consideration, acquisition, usage, and loyalty. We’re well aware that our partner is the one who manages the customer lifecycle: meets with the prospects, recommends the products, helps clients with the integration of the product in their existing environments, and manages the front-line support. But making customers happy requires mutual effort. We strive to provide all the necessary resources and support to our partners so they can maintain a high-quality service towards the end client. We ensure extensive technical/pre-sales support and training, as this leads to a successful sale, implementation, and maintenance of solutions for the clients. In the end, the common goal is met - to make the clients happy.

Transparency & trust

Working together towards the same goal is the essence of every partnership, and honest communication is key to achieving the goal. We encourage open communication and free discussion in order to meet expectations on both sides. Information on prospects and referrals is exchanged on a regular basis, and ongoing communication through regular office meetings or calls is encouraged.


What our partners say about us

“A business partnership is like a personal partnership - it needs to be built like a bridge: from both sides. At Apporo, we found that Microblink not only provides the best-of-breed technology and engineering, which results in a fantastic product and solution for our joint customers, but also a great team of developers, engineers, sales, marketing, and management folks. The passion, energy, responsiveness, consistency, and dedication of the entire Microblink team is demonstrated on a daily basis, especially when we are facing big challenges with customers and prospects. We love working with such a great team of professionals and so do our customers since it really makes a big difference.
(Mr. Merten Slominsky, CEO of Apporo)

“We take any partnership as a long-term commitment, which takes both sides to make it happen. Microblink has been very supportive of our market initiative and is flexible and fast to adapt to our needs. Working together, we are able to deliver and meet our customers’ expectations.
(Mr. George Lee, CEO of Innov8tif)

What kind of partners are we looking for?

Since our products are delivered in the form of an SDK and API (software development kit) which are integrated into mobile and web apps, often a reseller cooperation works best for us. Partners promote and sell our products while maintaining good customer relationships. They are still very much involved in the entire customer journey and are engaged with our company - downloading resources, actively participating in training, staying in touch with KAMs, and delivering business plans in a timely manner.

We are also looking for strategic technology partners. In our experience, app development companies or system integrators whose technology can benefit from a deep integration with ours is another path to building strong partnerships. That kind of collaboration enables joint development of complete end-to-end solutions for specific use cases.


Partnership is a journey, not a destination

Finding the right partner for our company is a strategic decision that is made upon careful mutual research and consideration. Our aim is to build meaningful, long-term relationships. The partner experience is taken just as seriously as the customer experience.

Indeed, partners increase subscription revenues and renewals, create competitive advantage and opportunities for up-sells and cross-sells. But landing a deal shouldn’t be the only thing that is acknowledged and rewarded, says Tijana Žganec Koprivnjak, our lead Market Development Manager:

“Partners are the trusted advisors of our clients. They ensure that the clients realize the value of our products and grow into loyal customers. For us, loyalty between all parties is the thing that should be valued the most, it’s the key to profitable, scalable, long-term growth and improvement.”

Do we sound like a good match?

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