The problem was the following: a large number of the AZ Fond members didn’t keep track of their account balances or yields from their pension fund. Many of them simply forgot about the money being put aside from their monthly incomes. In order to improve the process of reporting to their clients, AZ Fond introduced a new mobile app, whose goal was to provide real-time updates for the clients. The app enabled them to check their payments, account balances, and earnings on wherever and whenever they wanted.

The issue of user registration

Somewhere in the process of creating this new communication channel, an issue with registration occurred. When using the app for the first time, clients needed to prove their identity by entering personal data, which considering long strings of numbers and text was often a bit difficult, frustrating, and error-prone to do using a small smartphone keyboard. This is not a huge problem since the user has to do it only once, but it does hurt the impression of an app which aims to make account management easy and simple for users.

The solution

We have provided a solution that was practical for both the company and its clients. Our identity document scanner BlinkID was integrated into the app to enable fast personal data entry with the highest level of accuracy and speed. Our client was happy because it was easy to integrate into their existing app infrastructure, and the users benefited from doing the registration in only a couple of seconds.

An additional advantage for both is that text recognition is processed offline (without Internet connection) and locally, on the user’s mobile device. This means that their data is not transferred to any kind of remote server and it is protected at the maximum possible level.

Many insurance companies are nowadays recognizing the need to include mobile tech within their sales and communication channels. Of course, since the apps provide confidential information, there will always be some kind of personal verification required when signing up for the first time. BlinkID is an elegant and safe solution which pairs functionality with great user experience. Allianz AZ Fond’s new app beautifully demonstrates how BlinkID improves the process of registration making it fast, accurate, and enjoyable!

Any questions?

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