Its purpose is to extract data from standardized utility bills found predominantly in Europe. Because of its amazing and simple features, it turned mobile banking apps from informative to useful. Users can simply point their phone camera at the bill, and all data gets extracted into the mobile app — and that’s it. There is no need to travel to post offices or banks ever to pay bills again.

Let’s check out different types of barcodes that PhotoPay understands and extracts data from:


Here’s how PhotoPay works: 

By using two main recognizers, PhotoPay gets you all the information you need. From text found on the bill to information hidden behind the barcode. 

  • Payslip recognizer
    It extracts every information found on the utility bill that you want to scan
  • Barcode recognizer
    It parses all the information extracted from the barcode found on the bill

You can also choose which data from the bill you need to extract. Our field-by-field scanning feature is used for getting only the exact information you need. For example — amount, date, reference number, or IBAN, the choice is yours.

A list of worldwide payment slips & barcodes that you can scan with PhotoPay:

  • Austria payment slips
    Type: SEPA and old standard
    Barcode: QR code
  • Belgium payment slips
    Type: SEPA
  • Croatia payment slips
    Type: HUB3 and old HUB1 version
    Barcode: PDF417, QR code
  • Czech payment slips
    Barcode: QR code
  • Germany payment slips
    Type: SEPA and old standard
    Barcode: QR code
  • Hungary payment slips
    Type: Yellow and white versions of the standard
    Barcode: QR code
  • Kosovo payment slips
    OCR scanning of the line from the lower part of the payment slip
    Barcode: Code128
  • Netherlands payment slips 
    OCR scanning of the line from the lower part of the payment slip
  • Serbia payment slips
    Barcode: PDF417, QR code
  • Slovakia payment slips
    Type: only green payment slips
    Barcode: Code128, blue (PAY bySquare) QR code
  • Slovenia UPN payment slips
    OCR scanning of the left part of the slip
    Barcode: QR code
  • Switzerland payment slips
    OCR scanning of the lines in orange slips
    Barcode: QR code
  • United Kingdom payment slips
    OCR scanning of the MICR lines in UK giro credit slips
    Barcode: QR code

Last but not least, a new feature from the latest release:

  • Photopay Mobile SDK speaks new languages
    Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Malay, Dutch, Hungarian, Indonesian, Arabic(UAE), Romanian, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Thai, Hebrew and Vietnamese. Whew, that's a lot.

Have you tried scanning barcodes with your webcam? Now’s the time — explore the PhotoPay demo in your web browser. Just select a barcode type and scan away.

If you wish to add your type of payment slip to this list, you can contact our sales team and tell them your ideas. We love to add new features and develop our technology even further.

Version 7.11.0 - mobile SDK (released December 18, 2020)
Version 7.7.3 - In-browser SDK (released October 12, 2020)