When users try to open a bank account or request a new service from their ISP, they are often frustrated by the process that is necessary to get the service which they are already willing to pay for. It is a big problem that is becoming more and more annoying, especially since the real-time interactive technologies got us used to get what we want immediately.

Remote customer identification

Most of these slow processes seem slow and ineffective due to the issue of security: they require a confirmation of the customer’s identity in order to prevent the possible fraud. For companies, verifying the client’s identity is sometimes imperative or they risk all sorts of frauds that could result in revenue loss or even hurt their other clients. Most often, the client needs to supply a copy of their ID to the company. There are a few commonly used approaches to that, but all are either too slow for the customer or too expensive for the company. In the case of an error, everything has to be redone, doubling the effort for both parties.

Fortunately, there's a safe and reliable solution that can easily make this process fast and reduce the effort for both the user and the service provider. The idea behind it is simple. Most ID documents in the US and Europe have a barcode or machine-readable zone, as do the most passports worldwide, for easier capture of personal data. Most users have a phone, tablet or a laptop with a very good camera built into it.

Why not use that to verify a user's identity remotely by scanning their IDs? 

The benefits of such a process are obvious both for the user and the company. The company reduces administration, cuts costs, and drastically improves response time.

How would that be possible, you ask? Well, technology that enables such a solution already exists, and it comes under the name BlinkID - a mobile vision software component. It's a white label solution for reading identity documents that integrates into the existing apps as an extension of their functionality. It's available in two different forms: as a web-based solution and a mobile software development kit.

As a web-based solution, it can be integrated into any website to scan documents with barcodes or MRZ (this includes worldwide passports, US and Canadian driver's licenses and many EU ID card standards that have the MRZ).

As a mobile SDK, it provides reading of ID documents locally, without the need for server-processed OCR, as well as without Internet connection.

For more details feel free to check out BlinkID, or contact us directly below to discuss how you can optimize your business processes with mobile vision.