Security vs. UX… and cost

The story is as old as the technology itself. All onboarding processes are essentially a trade-off between smooth user experience and security while keeping it all cost-effective.

Manual input of personal data into a mobile app form just doesn't cut it for either side. For the users, it means a lot of typing. For the telecoms, on the other hand, it means unreliable data that could lead to noncompliance with regulations or an expensive back-end checking process to ensure security.

Machine-based solutions can be effective when it comes to UX and time but are often expensive. However, there is a solution that offers great performance on all three aspects that usually drive the decision: time, cost, and UX.

Simple registration via mobile app

Instead of manually inputting data into the app, a mobile camera can capture all required information in real time. Microblink offers a software development kit that uses a camera to accurately scan both SIM card serial number and the identity document. The solution enables extraction of easily manageable data and easy matching of the SIM card and ID data in any data management system.

Simple registration via mobile app

For telco sales or their third-party resellers, the registration process can be completed anywhere simply through a mobile app. The SDK can be integrated into any mobile app and operates 100% offline. With no server-side components, personal and other data remain on the device only.

For countries where data privacy regulations don’t allow taking ID images, SDK can be used to only extract data without ever saving the image in the phone memory or anywhere else.

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