Easy Taxi is an innovative service that globally redefined the taxi experience. It is faster, more reliable, and safer than traditional taxi for both drivers and customers. Customers order their cars with a single click, sending their GPS location directly to a nearby taxi, being able to track the car on the map, and even text the driver before pickup.

They can also make in-app payments, thus avoiding the need for cash which can be especially useful while traveling abroad. Companies can even create a company account for their employees to manage their business trips more easily.

Because of their innovative features, Easy Taxi service is used in more than 400 cities in 30 countries in South and Central America, Africa and Asia.

Security as a key feature

All this would not be possible if Easy Taxy didn’t guarantee security for their customers. To ensure a reliable service for both users and drivers, Easy Taxi requires user registration. This means going to an Easy Taxi office, identifying yourself, and filling out a form in order to get an account. After that, the Easy Taxi employees manually rewrite the form into their database.

For Easy Taxi as an innovative solution based on new technology, filling the physical form just didn’t fit in the picture. As they were well aware of this, Easy Taxi knew that they must make this process faster to accelerate service adoption by new users. They decided to use machine vision. This way, unlike with manual data input, they could read users’ identity documents and directly insert the data into their database.

They were looking for a solution that is fast, reliable, and easy to integrate into their existing solution. Easy Taxi choose Microblink’s BlinkID SDK, a machine vision program module that is accurate, natively developed for all most used platforms, and optimized for the fastest scanning available.

Juan Camilo Sepulveda Easy taxi Columbia COO

Service speed has proven to be essential these days. In a world where users get instant access to a lot of information, speed is one of the most influential factors in the overall user experience. From their perspective, reliability and safety are expected, whereas speed is appreciated. When creating BlinkID and other Microblink products, we had this in mind, so we developed the fastest and most accurate scanning and text recognition that gives your solution a new value. It’s the ever-evolving programming module that adapts to your use-case.

We believe that Easy Taxi use-case is just one of many where mobile vision proved to be the greatest factor in attracting new users.

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