The server-based scanning process goes as follows: customer takes a full resolution photo that is sent to the server, which possesses bigger processing power. Each photo takes time to be uploaded to the server and processed, so the whole process lasts too long - from 15 to 20 seconds.

At Microblink, we developed a server-based solution for scanning invoices, PhotoPayCloud, which operates as described above. But after a while we realized that potential mobile app users will probably feel frustrated that they have to wait 20 seconds in order to scan a field of an invoice (that is approximately the same amount of time that you have to spend on entering it manually). As we wanted to focus on solving real problems for users, we developed a new SDK that scans fields of an invoice on device, in real time.

Below is a comparison of server-based vs on-device scanning:

Real-time vs server based scanning

The comparison is pretty clear on its own. Why not choose a superior scanning solution that offers better user experience, higher level of accuracy and security, saves users’ time and can be easily integrated within any app?

If you would like to get more info on how the scanning technology works and what types of data can be extracted using our products, feel free to explore around the site, as well as contact us below if you have any questions!