May 28 2021


Be wise, sanitize: Keeping your C++ code free from bugs

For all of the losses it has inflicted, this pandemic has at least made us more conscious about our personal hygiene.

About 7 minutes to read

May 19 2021

BlinkCardProduct updates

BlinkCard scans vertical payment cards

Credit card design is going vertical and BlinkCard is ahead of the curve.
About a minute to read

May 12 2021

People beyond

From student developer to product owner

I first heard about Microblink from a mentor at my university. At the time, I was surprised to hear that there’s a C++ company in Croatia that builds something other than hardware or games. In my third year of studies, I saw a job position and gave it a shot. Soon after, I was working on the core functionality behind Microblink’s products.

About 4 minutes to read

May 11 2021


Building an SDK for web browsers: 3 things we’ve learned

In-browser SDKs are a great way to bring your project to the web and simplify the way app developers access your services.
About 6 minutes to read

Apr 28 2021


Vim commands, shortcuts and plugins that will step up your workflow

This is part two in our two-part blog on vim, a modal text editor that becomes more powerful the more you use it.
About 5 minutes to read.


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