Jan 12 2017

Use cases

Where were we and where are we heading?

Looking back at 2016, we can say without a doubt that it was a very successful one for us. Here’s a recap of the most interesting events of 2016 and a teaser on what’s coming up in the next year!

Nov 2 2016

Use cases

US voter registration

The US presidential elections have never more interesting and the tight race on who will take Barack Obama’s place in the White House has reached into its last week. In times when US citizens need to make an important decision about their future, one of the crucial issues in this process is that lots of voters still haven’t registered. How can the voting registration process be simplified and increase voting turnout?

Jul 16 2016

Use cases

Digital banking experience for millennials

According to the survey by Viacom Media Networks on over 10,000 millennials, 71% of them would rather visit the dentist than listen to the new banking offerings. That kind of perception is quite a challenge for banks and it exposes them to new, disruptive business models of the emerging fintech start-ups.

May 24 2016

Use cases

Reshaping customer experience: remote customer identification

One of the most important factors for successful customer acquisition and retention is fast reaction time, especially in highly competitive markets such as banking or telecommunications industry. What kind of services can be made simpler and faster in those industries in order to improve overall customer experience? Here’s our take on one of them: remote account opening.

Apr 4 2016


User-friendly mobile OCR: Real-time auto capture

To enable the fastest and most reliable ID document reading, BlinkID uses several neat features within image processing. One of them is real-time auto capture for document detection from a live video stream, which is useful when documents are scanned in imperfect conditions.