Mar 2 2016

Use cases

New use-case: BlinkID in insurance

BlinkID is a mobile SDK that extracts data from identity documents using a smartphone camera, which makes it suitable for many different use-cases. It significantly improves user experience and increases frequency of usage for many apps that require some kind of registration or personal data entry. This advantage has also been recognized by the biggest Croatian mandatory pension fund: AZ Fond, a part of Allianz Group.

Feb 5 2016

Use cases

Improving hotel check-in service with BlinkID

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to wait in a long queue at the hotel check-in counter? After a tiresome journey, carrying loads of luggage, the front desk is the only thing keeping you from reaching your room. Smart hotel management would ask themselves: how can we make things easier for our guests and save them time? That is the reason why today a lot of work is put into developing different kinds of hotel software that decrease queues at check-in counters or totally replace them.

Nov 25 2015

TechnologyUse cases

Why real-time on-device scanning beats server-based invoice scanning solutions for banks?

In developing scanning SDKs for mobile banking apps, most programmers rely on server-based solutions. However, there is a large improvement that needs to be recognized - real-time on-device scanning. Read on to see why!

Jul 23 2015

Use cases

How PayDunk used mobile vision to create the best online shopping experience

Read about how PayDunk is using mobile vision to introduce a new level of mobility and security to the existing online shopping experience.

Jun 19 2015


A new mobile UX trend driven by mobile vision

It’s no news that user experience is as important in a mobile app as the app's primary functionality. There have been so many examples showing that poor solutions packed into more intuitive user interfaces often win the race against technologically more advanced ones that are too complicated for end-users.