Jul 23 2020

Product updatesBlinkID

BlinkID July update: Sunsational news

This is the first time ever we've released BlinkID for native & cross platforms, Flutter, web API and in-browser SDK.

Jul 24 2020

Lazy, impatient & overly-proud: Building great experiences for great developers

From ‘’how do I do this’’ to ‘’hello world’’ in a blink of an eye.
About 5 minutes to read

Jul 7 2020

4 ways ID scanning strengthens KYC compliance

Done right, Know Your Customer (KYC) doesn't burden end customers, makes regulators happy and keeps financial institutions (FIs) clear on whom they're doing business with. 
6 minutes to read

Jun 12 2020

Product updatesBlinkID

BlinkID June update: One recognizer to rule them all

Summer is approaching and we're bringing on the heat with a more intelligent, secure scanning of identity documents across the world.

May 28 2020

Product updatesBlinkInput

May update: BlinkInput mobile SDK

We have some exciting news for you. Our most versatile solution BlinkInput became even more flexible. With our latest update, we added some new stuff that will make you and your users happy. Come on, find out what’s new in the latest BlinkInput release.


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