Jul 16 2016

Use cases

Digital banking experience for millennials

According to a survey by Viacom Media Networks, 71% of them would rather visit the dentist than listen to the new banking offerings. That kind of perception is quite a challenge for banks and it exposes them to new, disruptive business models of the emerging fintech start-ups.

May 24 2016

Use cases

Reshaping customer experience: remote customer identification

A crucial factor for successful customer acquisition is fast reaction time, especially in highly competitive markets such as banking or telco industry. What kind of services can be made simpler and faster in order to improve customer experience? Here’s our take on one of them: remote account opening.

Apr 4 2016


User-friendly mobile OCR: Real-time auto capture

Read about real-time auto capture for document detection from a live video stream, for when documents are scanned in imperfect conditions.

Mar 2 2016

Use cases

New use-case: BlinkID in insurance

BlinkID significantly improves UX and increases usage frequency for many apps that require some kind of registration or personal data entry. This advantage has also been recognized by the biggest Croatian mandatory pension fund: AZ Fond, a part of Allianz Group.

Feb 5 2016

Use cases

Improving hotel check-in service with BlinkID

How to make things easier for guests and decrease queues at check-in counters? The answer lies in mobile OCR.