May 9 2019


What’s AI development really like?

A gentle introduction into AI featuring two ways how businesses develop AI and how we chose to do it.

4 minutes to read

Mar 28 2019

Use cases

Insurtech: Time To Do Things Differently

How can insurance providers leverage new technology to create a service experience that will entice a market of skeptics and reestablish the long-lost trust by customers?

Feb 14 2019

Use cases

Fintech in service of great user experience

We went through common pitfalls of traditional KYC and onboarding processes and came up with a perfect recipe that tackles them all: mobile, real-time, on-device.

Sep 6 2018

Use cases

Let’s partner up

We’re looking for resellers and technology partners to join us in transforming customer experience with advanced computer vision technology.

Jul 2 2018

Use cases

The impact of mobile in the great revolution of traffic

Among various solutions out there for traffic congestion, one has already sparked great change in cities worldwide: ridesharing. Read about how it is reinventing the transportation industry and what it takes to compete in this new, exciting market.


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