People beyond

May 12 2021

People beyond

From student developer to product owner

I first heard about Microblink from a mentor at my university. At the time, I was surprised to hear that there’s a C++ company in Croatia that builds something other than hardware or games. In my third year of studies, I saw a job position and gave it a shot. Soon after, I was working on the core functionality behind Microblink’s products.

About 4 minutes to read

Mar 19 2021

People beyond

Your next career move as a software developer

What options are you taking into consideration when you’re making your career choices? What kind of company suits you best?

About 7 minutes to read

Mar 1 2021

People beyond

What is it like to be a student at Microblink?

Throughout the history of Microblink, over 200 students have found their place in one of our many teams. Regardless of their background, they left an indelible mark and contributed to what Microblink is today. Many of them became full-time employees after finishing college and decided to stay and grow with us.

About 15 minutes to read


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