Apr 13 2021


Keyboard-driven development: Could your new code editor be a tool from the '90s?

This is part one in our two-part blog on vim, a modal text editor optimized to perform the tasks you as a programmer will be doing a lot. Written with heart by the Tools and Software Infrastructure (TSI) team at Microblink.

Feb 20 2020


The Nuts and Bolts of the BlinkID v5

BlinkID v5 release is a product of year-long development, carefully designed and implemented to make life easier for our clients. 

5 minutes to read

Nov 28 2019


Linking impressions from CppCon 2019 to last years impressions on Meeting C++

This year our senior C++ developers visited CppCon C++ Conference, the largest and most important C++ conference in the world. It was held from September 16th to September 20th in Aurora, Colorado. Compared to Meeting C++, the CppCon is much bigger and covers a range of topics for all levels, from beginners and students to seasoned professionals in different industries, from embedded to the cloud.

8 minutes to read

Oct 21 2019


BlinkID v5: Goodbye Templates

Take a closer look into why and how BlinkID v5 came about, and how the new features will reflect on our clients and end-users.

7 minutes to read

May 9 2019


Our 5-step guide to AI development

Five questions we use to navigate the development of each new AI feature or product.

3 minutes to read

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