May 28 2021


Be wise, sanitize: Keeping your C++ code free from bugs

For all of the losses it has inflicted, this pandemic has at least made us more conscious about our personal hygiene.

About 7 minutes to read

May 11 2021


Building an SDK for web browsers: 3 things we’ve learned

In-browser SDKs are a great way to bring your project to the web and simplify the way app developers access your services.
About 6 minutes to read

Apr 28 2021


Vim commands, shortcuts and plugins that will step up your workflow

This is part two in our two-part blog on vim, a modal text editor that becomes more powerful the more you use it.
About 5 minutes to read.

Apr 13 2021


Keyboard-driven development: Could your new code editor be a tool from the '90s?

This is part one in our two-part blog on vim, a modal text editor optimized to perform the tasks you as a programmer will be doing a lot. Written with heart by the Tools and Software Infrastructure (TSI) team at Microblink.
About 5 minutes to read.

Feb 20 2020


The Nuts and Bolts of the BlinkID v5

BlinkID v5 release is a product of year-long development, carefully designed and implemented to make life easier for our clients. 

5 minutes to read