Feb 22 2018

TechnologyUse cases

From OCR to DeepOCR

Machine learning is all the rage nowadays, in various industries and the general public. Not without a reason, of course: it is not just a new algorithm which engineers should include in their solutions - it’s a complete turnover in the way we solve problems. But how can it be incorporated in already established businesses? Let us take you behind the curtain and show you what it took for us to incorporate machine learning in our OCR development.

Apr 4 2016


User-friendly mobile OCR: Real-time auto capture

To enable the fastest and most reliable ID document reading, BlinkID uses several neat features within image processing. One of them is real-time auto capture for document detection from a live video stream, which is useful when documents are scanned in imperfect conditions.

Nov 25 2015

TechnologyUse cases

Why real-time on-device scanning beats server-based invoice scanning solutions for banks?

In developing scanning SDKs for mobile banking apps, most programmers rely on server-based solutions. However, there is a large improvement that needs to be recognized - real-time on-device scanning. Read on to see why!

Jun 19 2015


A new mobile UX trend driven by mobile vision

It’s no news that user experience is as important in a mobile app as the app's primary functionality. There have been so many examples showing that poor solutions packed into more intuitive user interfaces often win the race against technologically more advanced ones that are too complicated for end-users.