Nov 28 2019


Linking impressions from CppCon 2019 to last years impressions on Meeting C++

This year our senior C++ developers visited CppCon C++ Conference, the largest and most important C++ conference in the world. It was held from September 16th to September 20th in Aurora, Colorado. Compared to Meeting C++, the CppCon is much bigger and covers a range of topics for all levels, from beginners and students to seasoned professionals in different industries, from embedded to the cloud.

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Oct 21 2019


BlinkID v5: Goodbye Templates

Take a closer look into why and how BlinkID v5 came about, and how the new features will reflect on our clients and end-users.

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May 9 2019


Our 5-step guide to AI development

Five questions we use to navigate the development of each new AI feature or product.

3 minutes to read

May 9 2019


What’s AI development really like?

A gentle introduction into AI featuring two ways how businesses develop AI and how we chose to do it.

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Feb 22 2018

TechnologyUse cases

From OCR to DeepOCR

Let us take you behind the curtain and show you what it took for us to incorporate machine learning in our OCR development.

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