Use cases

Jul 2 2021

Use cases

Alcohol delivery is here to stay – how can apps tackle underage drinking?

Buying alcohol online has become easier than ever. Supermarkets are selling six-packs through Instacart, restaurants on Uber Eats have wine on their menus, and apps like Drizly and Saucey bring hard liquor to their users’ doorstep in less than 60 minutes.

About 5 minutes to read

Dec 4 2020

Use cases

Bringing ID scanning to web browsers

URL-owed to be excited — web forms are changing for good.

Jul 1 2019

Use cases

Build effective registration forms

Sign-up forms are a necessary part of almost all online transactions. What are the common stumbling blocks in forms and how can you tackle them with advanced, yet seamless technology? 

5 minutes to read

Mar 28 2019

Use cases

Insurtech: Time To Do Things Differently

How can insurance providers leverage new technology to create a service experience that will entice a market of skeptics and reestablish the long-lost trust by customers?

Feb 14 2019

Use cases

Fintech in service of great user experience

We went through common pitfalls of traditional KYC and onboarding processes and came up with a perfect recipe that tackles them all: mobile, real-time, on-device.


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