Jul 6 2021

Product updatesBlinkID

BlinkID v5.12.0 brings new features, documents and more

Find out what has changed in the latest version of your favorite ID scanning software. Maybe it’s something you were waiting for.

Jul 2 2021

Use cases

Alcohol delivery is here to stay – how can apps tackle underage drinking?

Buying alcohol online has become easier than ever. Supermarkets are selling six-packs through Instacart, restaurants on Uber Eats have wine on their menus, and apps like Drizly and Saucey bring hard liquor to their users’ doorstep in less than 60 minutes.

About 5 minutes to read

May 28 2021


Be wise, sanitize: Keeping your C++ code free from bugs

For all of the losses it has inflicted, this pandemic has at least made us more conscious about our personal hygiene.

About 7 minutes to read

May 19 2021

BlinkCardProduct updates

BlinkCard scans vertical payment cards

Credit card design is going vertical and BlinkCard is ahead of the curve.
About a minute to read

May 11 2021


Building an SDK for web browsers: 3 things we’ve learned

In-browser SDKs are a great way to bring your project to the web and simplify the way app developers access your services.
About 6 minutes to read


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