You are the person that can give us the best overview - what do you wish other people knew about our Product team?

Boris: Well, the Product team was one of the first teams in Microblink, and in the last six years, we have gathered a vast amount of knowledge. We use that knowledge to shape products for business customers worldwide to help them create an excellent experience for end users. Our products range from the legendary PhotoPay, which is almost a standard for paying utility bills across Europe, to our most popular product for scanning various identity documents. We keep developing new products, and even though they are still in the test phase, they already raised a lot of interest in the financial sector.

In the Product team, we combine computer vision with new, state-of-the-art technologies based on machine learning. Our vision is to create products that require interaction between the physical and the digital world to make everyday life easier. We revolutionized how users interact with mobile cameras to eliminate the need for manual data typing.

The other very important aspect which we emphasize when creating and forming any of our products is the user experience (UX). We want that our technology helps clients to delight their end users with the speed and ease of use. Taking into account that over 100 million end users utilize our technology, it seems like we have succeeded for the most part. However, we still want to take it to the next level and provide not only the best performance but also a fantastic user experience.

What would you say is the most impactful product you have worked on?

Boris: Our most famous and most widespread product in the last few years has definitely been BlinkID. The product scans various types of personal documents, from passports to ID cards and driver’s licenses using the mobile phone camera. Are you wondering what the benefit of such a scanner is? Imagine you’re late to work, there is a massive traffic jam, and you can’t call a taxi. Then you see a bike-sharing point and realize taking a bike would be a life-saver. With our BlinkID, you no longer have to find their company office and register there, you can just download the bike-sharing app, scan your ID and instantly start using the app.

We currently support over 150 different personal documents, mainly in Europe, North America, Middle East, and South East Asia. Our goal is to increase the number of supported documents and make BlinkID a global standard.

These amazing products must have some amazing technology behind them. What technologies do you use in product development?

Boris: We don’t want to limit our clients to one specific technology, but we try to meet them halfway. Therefore, we offer our products on both native iOS and Android platforms, as well as on Cross-platforms (Cordova, React Native, Xamarin). As of recently, we are providing some of the products through Web API.
In order to do so, the core functionality is programmed in C++, so we could reach the maximal performance and enable cross-platform solutions. Furthermore, we use the C++17 standard which allows us an easier implementation of complex concepts and at the same time optimal usage of hardware possibilities of the devices on which our technology runs on. We’re proud of adopting the most modern C++ language capabilities immediately after they are released, which is a great chance to learn and gain experience very early on.

Amazing products and amazing technology wouldn’t be possible without an amazing team. What is the Product team like?

Boris: The product team consists of a variety of people with different levels of knowledge - some have years of experience in development, and some joined us recently, have less experience but brought a highly valuable new, fresh views.
The team provides an extensive knowledge base sharing and a dynamic environment where everyone can show their strong sides.
We put the emphasis on mentoring, learning, and personal growth.
In general, the feeling when you work on products that millions of people will use is irreplaceable, and this thrill creates a positive and challenging team atmosphere.

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