At Microblink, we believe in the enormous potential of AI in mobile and web apps. Our products use AI to help in everyday life, like simplifying bill payment or identifying yourself online by scanning your ID document. We pay special attention to mobile platforms because that's the quickest way to present our technology to the end-user. 

Jurica Cerovec, our CTO, shares why.

What are the things Microblink's mobile team works on?

Jurica: We work on bringing our core technology to the broadest possible audience, whether they are businesses or consumers. Specifically, this means that we build two different products. Our core product is a software development kit (SDK) that other companies can use inside their mobile and consumer apps. The other products are applications that showcase our technology. With our SDKs, we primarily focus on optimal integration of AI functionality with the device's hardware, such as a camera and accelerometer. With this approach, we achieve better performance than anyone else on the market, which translates to great user experience. Other than that, it's important for us that the components we build are easy to integrate into other apps. In other words, we equally emphasize user and developer experience. It’s very important to build experiences around our SDKs. We focus on building demo applications with features that show where and how our customers can benefit most from our technology. Our apps are small, focused, and always free. These features give us a space to play, experiment and try out new things, while at the same time create value for the company. Being an R&D company, building POCs in the research department, and prototyping around them represent a big chunk of our work. Mobile developers are the ones who are bringing those POCs to life for our product owners and potential new clients to see.

What makes developing for mobile at Microblink different?

Jurica: Developing for mobile at Microblink means building products, focusing on long term quality, and going deep in certain technologies. Microblink's forte is AI and Computer Vision, so this means mobile developers at Microblink have a deep understanding of camera management on a wide range of devices. From low-end Androids to the latest iPhones. We're also early adopters of AR, and its benefits for the user experience. This means we know a lot about ARKit, ARCore, SceneKit, and similar technologies. Microblink products are snappy, fast, and excellent. That's why our core components, including our AI engine (which we call "The Runner"), are written in new C++. Mobile teams need to know how to work with them. We use Objective C on iOS and JNI on Android to integrate these components and build experiences around them.

Our SDKs are the bread and butter of our company. At this moment, 500 companies around the world use them as a part of their app. We enjoy talking with people from these companies, learning about their products, helping them, making improvements based on their feedback, and collaborating with them in countless ways. It's especially exciting to work on our mobile demo apps. We set our own goals and metrics. On the tech side, we use Swift and Kotlin to build the apps. We use Firebase for Analytics and A/B testing experiments. Our mobile demo apps are complete mobile products, with all the challenges around them.


What's the impact one person can make in mobile dev teams?

Jurica: We have six off the shelf SDKs and four mobile apps in both App Store and Google Play. Our main advantage is simple SDK integration in new or existing applications. More than 200 million users use our SDKs and demo apps. Most of the world's hottest scooter sharing startups use our SDKs for identifying their users. Airline companies use our SDKs for online check-in. Most banks in Europe use our SDKs for utility bill payments. Almost all telecom companies in Malaysia are using our solution to enable quick user registration in their apps. Our primary business goal is to increase the reach of our products, meaning that as a developer in our Mobile team, you will have a direct impact on that.

What kind of people thrive in your mobile teams?

Jurica: We try to create diverse teams of people with different strengths. Some of the strengths we look for in the mobile team include technical expertise, problem-solving skills, taking ownership, product focus, expertise in iOS or Android SDKs (from low-level SDK to high-level UX/UI knowledge). Since our focus is on SDK's and demo applications, developers with knowledge and interest in one or both of those fields will prosper in the team. In general, we're open to individuals that are passionate about their work and who will seize the opportunity to experiment freely.

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