Contribute to the improvement of Microblink's products
Apply for a student job of annotating data to improve our technology! (f/m)

Microblink's products are based on optical character recognition on various documents scanned by a mobile phone camera (payment slips, personal documents, receipts, barcodes and such). Microblink's technology is used in over 300 companies across the world, such as Photomath, Virgin Mobile, FlyDubai, Jaguar, all the banks in Croatia and many other companies.
Improving the technology for character recognition depends on the quality of data used for the improvement of that system. In order to improve the system, it is required to go through and annotate a big amount of pictures using computer software. That job is very routine, so constant interest, concentration and attention for detail are required. On the other hand, the job has a direct and very important impact on the quality of technology and systems our products are based on.

The job includes:

  • annotating elements on various documents and retailer receipts which can be a retailer logo, barcode number, every letter in a word, ...
    • annotating is done on a computer with a mouse and keyboard, on a web interface we created
  • verifying the accuracy of annotated text (after you get acquainted with the main tasks of annotating)

Expectations and demands:

  • reliability and meticulousness when it comes to work
  • systematic approach and attention to details
  • the tendency towards doing routine work
  • responsibility towards work and capability of organizing your own time
  • computer skills (using a web browser, basic knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel)
  • good English language skill


  • working through your own student contract for a longer period of time (at least 6 months) in our office (Strojarska cesta, Zagreb):
    • we work 4-hour shifts, Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm; the schedule is arranged with the team lead on weekly basis - it is not required to work the same shift all week long
  • starting wage is 20 HRK/hour nett.

We offer:

  • an opportunity to get acquainted with technologies and systems our products are based on
  • an opportunity to study and develop in the desired direction inside the organization through certain time (students have the opportunity to continue working at Microblink on a position closer to their profession, such as C++ engineer, Android engineer, iOS engineer, Mobile app tester, Web developer, etc.)
  • an opportunity to contribute to the quality of Microblink's products
  • working in a young, ambitious and flexible team which values exchange in opinions and fair play
  • working in a relaxed atmosphere with secured work equipment.

About us:
Microblink builds world leading text recognition technology for mobile and web which is used by more than 100 million end users. We’re proud to power apps like Photomath, Virgin Mobile, FlyDubai, and Jaguar. Microblink is an engineering organization - the quality of our products is our biggest focus and we strive for engineering excellence in all our development teams.

We make mobile devices smarter and easier to use in different business processes using mobile vision technology. In addition to mobile solutions, we offer the same technological solution in the form of Web API. From the real-time recognition of bills, payment slips, ID scanning to barcodes and reading mathematical expressions. Our worldwide customers’ network in over 60 countries includes banks & financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, insurance, system integrators, law enforcement, hospitality and tourism, healthcare, startups, and other service and production oriented companies.