In Microblink, you will experience the best of the two worlds - creative startup energy and the stability of an established company.
We are the market leaders in AI-supported, real-time image processing, and OCR. You will have a chance to work on complex systems that will challenge your technical and organizational skills allowing you to learn and grow. The best part is seeing your ideas and work turning to features and making an impact. As an experienced DevOps Engineer, you will work with a team of developers and other DevOps engineers.

If you join our team, you will:

  • participate in the entire application development lifecycle; planning, architecture design, development, testing, deploy and supporting the application infrastructure. Applications you will be working on:
    • Machine Learning Platform data classification, annotation and model evaluation processes
    • Developer hub is a web based portal that enables users to test and purchase our products and consume our services.
  • collaborate with DevOps engineers and System engineers from other teams on cloud infrastructure management
  • work on new creative ways to handle load, performance, usage statistics, and data processing on Microblink web API. This includes cloud and on-premise modern service architecture design, on different cloud providers*
  • work with developers and QA engineers to design and implement different kinds of automated tests including load tests, API smoke tests, automated UI tests (end to end tests) etc.
  • design and implement CI process for Microblink web API with automated tests, docker hardening procedures and benchmarks on different cloud providers* and different services (VMs, Kubernetes, App service, Google Cloud Run…)
  • actively participate in designing and improving new and existing products and services. We have several initiatives like additional services on top of our SaaS offer, WebAssembly in browser image processing or white label products as an end to end solutions for identity services, with features like face matching, liveness detection or proof of address etc.. You will be involved and encouraged to participate in all aspects of the product and service development, starting from the idea generation and product design to product delivery and operation. We encourage people to take ownership of the initiatives, components, solutions, and products!

* Our focus is on MS Azure and GCP, but we use all three major cloud platforms (GCP, Azure and AWS) for testing our products and when it comes to consulting our clients.

You are the right person for us if you:

  • have substantial knowledge and experience working with
    • Linux
    • docker
    • Kubernetes
    • Microsoft Azure
    • networking, service security
    • infrastructure & application monitoring
  • have some experience with or strong will to learn
    • Jenkins
    • message broker services like Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ
    • Google Cloud platform (GCP)
    • both NoSQL and SQL databases hosted on premise and in cloud (database as a service). We use MS SQL Server running on Linux, MongoDB and ElasticSearch.
  • have essential software development skillset (“it goes without saying” type of skills), git, team collaboration skills, bash or powershell scripting, a good level of English language skills
  • are responsible, proactive and driven by organizational success

It’s great if you:

  • have experience with Windows server

We are offering:

  • Direct mentorship
    • We make sure everyone constantly grows, with guidance from more experienced team members
  • Knowledge sharing
    • We make time for internal workshops and lectures
  • Attending educations and conferences
    • i.e. DevOpsCon London
  • Dedicated budget for professional development and education
    • Internal library that keeps growing, based on our needs and interests
    • Online courses
  • Team leads and managers with technical backgrounds, dedicated to improving the development process
  • Working in a casual, and yet professional working environment with motivating working conditions
  • A culture that recognizes and rewards success, and is not afraid to try, fail and learn from the mistakes