Apply and become our
HR Intern (student) (f/m)

Microblink is an R&D company with a mission to simplify data entry in mobile and web apps, using camera input. Our visionary approach and the ability to look into the future brought us where we are today.

But don’t forget, Microblink isn’t only technology, it’s the People beyond it. Behind every idea, behind every line of code, behind every satisfied client are people who care and go beyond their usual work.

In the past 2 years, Microblink full-time number of employees has increased by 250%. In order to support fast growth, in the same time period our HR team patiently grew and became 500% the size it was. Sounds impressive? Well, that’s what statistics do! In reality, there is only 5 of us :).

Stellar times are ahead of us, and we are looking forward to further growth and development.
New times bring out new challenges, and we are looking to establish new processes and upgrade existing ones.

We are looking for an open-minded individual who will bring analytical thinking and data-driven approach to our growing team, while providing support to all existing and new processes by shaping the data into added value.

Sounds interesting? Here’s what we bring to the table!

At Microblink, you will:

  • Administer the internal candidate database, accurately and promptly
  • Communicate with candidates, regarding the selection process (send emails, conduct phone calls, etc.)
  • Coordinate all participants, internal and external, involved in the selection process
  • Ensure clear, transparent and timely feedback information for the candidates
  • Keep track of and update data in various HR processes, such as R&S, Budgeting, Educations, etc., using tools such as Microsoft Excel
  • Create reports by tracking different metrics related to selection and recruitment processes (number of applicants, success of different recruitment channels, time to hire, etc.)
  • Be involved in creating an amazing experience during the onboarding process for new employees
  • Provide support to other members of the HR&Organizational Development team, in areas of Employer Branding, Budgeting, Learning&Development, etc., regarding to introducing analytical methods, obtaining data and analysis.

You are the right person for us if you:

  • Are a student, who can preferably work 20-30 hours per week
  • Know your way around Microsoft Excel, and other MS Office tools, in a manner that they help you do your tasks efficiently (i.e. pivot tables, advanced formulas, ..)
  • Aren’t frightened by numbers and statistics, but rather get motivated by using data to create useful insights
  • Are passionate about analytics and the benefits the data could bring to the HR&Organizational Development team in supporting organizational growth
  • Are able to transfer the message in constructive, clear and structured way, in both speaking and writing
  • Have an outstanding command of spoken and written English
  • See a constant shift in focus among several different topics as a challenge
  • Are able to see what’s important and prioritize tasks, with the help and support of senior team members
  • Can easily work in team or alone, depending on requirements of the task itself

A plus is if you also:

  • Posses interest in new technologies and you have some understanding of terminology connected to IT

What can you expect from your team?

  • Flexible working hours (from 08:00-18:00)
  • Direct mentorship
  • We make sure everyone constantly grows, with guidance from more experienced team members
  • Knowledge sharing
  • We make time for internal workshops and lectures
  • Learning and development
  • Dedicated budget for professional development and education
  • The internal library that keeps growing, based on our needs and interests
  • Online courses
  • Team leads and managers with a lot of experience, dedicated to improving the processes
  • Working in a casual, and yet professional working environment with motivating working conditions
  • An opportunity for full-time employment in the area of HR Data and Process Administration and Analytics
  • A culture that recognizes and rewards success, and is not afraid to try, fail and learn from the mistakes