We are looking for...

...an experienced Python developer to join our team of software and research engineers who are designing and developing our Machine Learning System. We are looking for someone who is passionate about writing scalable, readable, and optimal code in Python and who wants to dive into the field of machine learning from a software development perspective.

You’ll make your mark with:

  • Developing our machine learning system
  • Design, development, and deployment of new functionalities in our machine learning pipeline
  • Working closely with our research engineers and providing expertise from a software development perspective
  • Effective, hands-on mentorship:
  • Code review - provide feedback to developers on ways to improve code quality, clarity, and performance
  • Regularly coordinate with team members, provide assistance and guidance
  • Co-development of our technical standards
  • Supporting the implementation, evolution, and maintenance of the codebase
  • Promoting and helping in the implementation of coding standards in quality, testing, performance, and security
  • Suggesting improvements by introducing new frameworks, libraries, and technologies

You’re the person we’re looking for if you:

  • Are responsible, proactive and driven by organizational success
  • Have strong coding skills & ability to perform in a dynamic, agile & entrepreneurial environment
  • Have an essential software development skill set: OOP, git, team collaboration skills, good English language skills
  • Have 3+ years of backend development experience with Python
  • Have working experience with relational databases and/or NoSQL databases (DynamoDB, Redis, Mongo, etc)
  • Have experience with functional and unit testing based frameworks
  • Are motivated to learn about machine learning from our experienced research engineers

Extra points for:

  • Experience and knowledge in the field of machine learning
  • Familiarity with machine learning tools such as Tensorflow
  • Experience and knowledge of C++
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud
  • Experience with continuous integration tools such as Jenkins

Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • Further development of your skills in a high-tech company building unique technology with worldwide recognition and impact
  • Working on our challenging machine learning system with the support of our experienced research and software engineers
  • Learning opportunities through continuous knowledge-sharing, education, and trips to relevant conferences all around the world
  • Personal budget for professional development and education
  • A culture that celebrates and rewards personal and organizational success
  • Paid leave for important life events and needs
  • Designated teambuilding budget for every team
  • Competitive salary and working conditions

R&D in Microblink

Microblink is an R&D company with a mission to simplify data entry in mobile and web apps using camera input. Using advanced machine learning methods, we develop state-of-the-art computer vision technology, linking modern apps with the physical world.

Our research and development of ML-based computer vision started several years ago. Our first big successful project in machine learning was recognition of handwritten math expressions featured in Photomath. To our knowledge, we were the first in the world to have developed an entirely learned OCR (optical character recognition) model that works in real time on a mobile device.
Since then, we’ve built our team and infrastructure with one goal: making machine learning the core of our technology.

Today, our team tackles some of the most challenging computer vision problems using our proprietary machine learning system (MLS).

Thanks to publicly available learning tools, developing machine learning prototype solutions is fairly simple. It might give the impression that it’s a plug-n-play approach to problem-solving (meaning that it doesn’t take a lot of knowledge or effort to come up with a good solution), but real-life use-cases are far more demanding, considering limitations with respect to model complexity.

When developing such solutions, great attention needs to be paid to the machine learning process, the behavior of learned models, and data properties. We’ve invested a lot of effort and resources into developing a machine learning system that would take into account all of those factors. Some of the main advantages of our system are: the ability to collect and manage huge amounts of data, fast learning on our GPU servers, and detailed analysis of our learned models with respect to precision and performance on mobile devices.

For the last 3 years, MLS has been designed and developed jointly by our research and software engineers and is already a powerful and complex system written in Python and C++ with big plans for the future. We believe this is a unique system that challenges even the most experienced software engineers and gives them an opportunity to use their skills in the field of machine learning with the support of our experienced software and research engineers.