We are focused on building a team of passionate, diverse and talented people. We believe the best results are achieved by working in small teams that collaborate closely together. We are proud of our achievements and we want to expand our team with top-notch engineers who will help us bring our top-notchness to the next level!

What will you work on at Microblink
You will be part of the company that creates top of the line computer vision and machine learning products. As an experienced Java Developer, you will work with a team of developers and DevOps engineers on high-volume, flexible, and high-performant public API and our products built around services exposed through the API. Our web API is available as a Docker image for on premise hosting scenario, and as SaaS hosted in the cloud.

Primarily you will:

  • design, develop and deploy new functionalities on web API (dockerized Java application) and Software as a service platform
  • together with DevOps engineers work on infrastructure solutions for all our products and processes
  • work on new creative ways to handle load, performance, usage statistics and data processing
  • work on new creative ways to enable our clients and potential clients to easily test and play with our technology, products and MVP’s

You will also be working on several initiatives like:

  • added value services for SaaS on top of image processing and data extraction like Client archive and GDPR data management service
  • white label products as an end to end solutions for identity services, with features like face matching, liveness detection or proof of address
  • in general, you will actively participate in designing and improving new products and services. You will be involved and encouraged to participate in all aspects of the product and service development, starting from the idea generation and product design all the way to product delivery and operation. We encourage people to take ownership of the initiatives, components, solutions, and products!

Beside development tasks you will also interact with the team:

  • actively participate in planning the iterations together with the rest of the team
  • work with a team on the design and architecture of the solutions
  • provide mentoring
  • be part of our continuous improvement culture
  • contribute to the technical standards (all kinds of effort related to maintenance of the codebase, constant improvements in tech stack and tech solutions, ensuring software stability, maintainability, and overall quality…)

You are the right person for us if you:

  • have strong knowledge and experience working with
    • Java programming language
    • both NoSQL and SQL databases (like MongoDB or PostgreSQL)
    • RESTful API design
  • have some experience with
    • Dockers
    • “infrastructure as code” practice
  • have essential software development skillset (“it goes without saying” type of skills): OOP, git, team collaboration skills, good English language skill...
  • are responsible, proactive and driven by organizational success

A plus is if you:

  • have experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or any other cloud service provider
  • have experience in frontend stack

We are offering:

  • an opportunity to learn and develop your software engineering skills along-side industry experts in the fast-growing tech company who has over 100 million users worldwide
  • dedicated personal budget for professional development and education
  • dedicated time for personal growth and adopting new skills
  • learning opportunities through continuous mentoring, knowledge-sharing, education, and trips to relevant conferences all around the world
  • an opportunity to work on technically challenging projects and products in a company that allows engineers to actively work on experimenting with various stacks, improving the infrastructure and the process automation, etc.
  • a culture that recognizes and rewards success, but also learns from trying and failing

About us:
Microblink was launched with a vision to eliminate typing from mobile and web apps. Our state-of-the-art computer vision tech changes everyday life for millions of users and improves business processes worldwide.

We’re the reason why today you don’t have to go to the bank to pay your bills, or even type the data into your mobile banking app. Instead, you can scan them and pay in a few seconds. Our products use the power of machine learning to help users achieve their goals as well as enjoy the process itself.

And there’s plenty more where that came from. We have a range of top-notch products in our text recognition portfolio that improve user experience in a great number of apps. We’re proud to power apps of 300+ businesses like, Virgin Mobile, Unicredit, Erste, T-com, A1 and Jaguar, which together have reached over 100 million users. The combination of our world-class tech and amazing UX has also made Photomath app one of the most popular educational apps in the world.

We are a team of top industry experts and curious minds who explore, learn, discuss, and work closely together to create the most advanced text recognition solutions and supreme user experience.
Join us and use the opportunity to learn from the best and help develop technology that has a real impact on people’s everyday lives.