Office life

Microblink are people. No matter how complex our job is sometimes, we truly enjoy doing it together. Take a glimpse in a day of People beyond where everything is possible and having fun is a must.

Move beyond

The most important thing in life is to find the time to reboot.

Jump. Breathe. Run. Dance. Walk. Hike. Fly. Play. Explore. Discover. Climb. Dive. Rest. Let go. Move beyond.


Trust and respect are the key components of cooperation in Microblink. Together we build and nurture our teams and communication which is always a top priority. And what better way to do that than spending time together and meeting each other even better.

Around the world

Our People Beyond are well-known guests at various conferences around the world. Learning and development is very important, that is why we never miss top world education conferences. We also go wherever our clients take us and showcase our products while at the same time have fun and curiously meet new cultures. “Show, don’t tell.” is something we are always guided by.

If you see us at any conference, stop by our booth. We want to meet you.

Hold the mic

Just as we love to learn from others, we also want to share our knowledge and experience to everyone else, inside or outside Microblink.

We talk with pride, passionately and honestly about our products, ideas and vision.

Party life

In addition to having the opportunity to develop exciting technology together, we love to create shared memories, laugh, and hang out using every opportunity for a good celebration.

Experience a small part of our atmosphere. Picture really is worth a thousand words.