Rethinking Receipts: How AI Can Unlock Grocery Shopping Insights at Scale

In a world where paper receipts mingle with digital records, collecting purchase data can get pretty complicated.

When no two shoppers (or receipts) are alike, you need cutting-edge technology that can go beyond the text, turning purchases into powerful, real-time insights.

Meet our receipt expert, Kevin Riley

As VP of Product, Kevin is responsible for leading the strategy and execution of Microblink’s core receipt-scanning solutions. He joined the company (previously BlinkReceipt) in 2018 and was instrumental in its growth across Product, Operations, and Sales.

In this webinar, Kevin teaches us how to rethink receipts, by engaging customers through UPC-level purchase data capture.

Key takeaways:

  • What valuable insights are hiding in paper and digital receipts
  • Why generic approaches to automating purchase data collection don’t work
  • What to look for in a data-forward solution
  • How to leverage insights to engage customers and drive revenue


Kevin Riley
VP of Product, Commerce