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Mobile computer vision solutions to drive the next wave of innovations along the entire path to purchase.
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3 B+
Processing over three billion online and in-store purchases every year.
15 M
Over 15 million unique products in our catalog with more added every day.
$ 200 B+
More than two hundred billion dollars parsed to date, unlocking insights at scale.
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Commerce Products

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Our AI-powered product recognition technology digitizes shelves and detects products down to the UPC in real-time. Integrate our tech into your existing applications to drive the next wave of innovations across your in-store shopping experiences and retail execution.
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BlinkReceipt for Loyalty Rewards

Extract first-party purchase data from physical and digital receipts or shopper accounts with over 90% accuracy through our receipt scanning SDKs and web API. Boost engagement and sales by putting purchase data to work, rewarding customers and offering personalized promotions in real-time.
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shopper intelligence


Capture first-party data with leading in-store and online purchase data extraction solutions. Automatically read and extract first-party purchase data from even the messiest of paper receipts, or reliably process digital receipts with our email inbox and online shopper account linking solutions.
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