Digitize the Shelf with AI Product Recognition

Unlock the power of AI-driven shelf scanning technology and drive the next wave of innovation across grocery retail with powerful in-store computer vision.

Enhance shelf visibility with AI product recognition

BlinkShelf lets users scan any supermarket or grocery shelf in real-time, on-device, and automatically detects the products down to the UPC, allowing you to eliminate manual processes and reduce costs by automating shelf capture and audit.

Flexible Image Capture

Users can easily capture images of grocery shelves through their existing mobile devices – no expensive hardware investments required. Our AI-powered product recognition engine can easily ingest shelf images from many capture sources (e.g. mobile devices, robots, store cameras), helping to maximize return on any existing retail investments.

Automatic Product Detection

Products on shelf are automatically detected and identified in real-time, no human in the loop required. This eliminates the extra step for in-store teams or shoppers to pick up individual products and scan barcodes. Our applied ML models have been trained on real world grocery shelves across all categories and retailers.

Data-Driven Full Shelf Visibility At Your Fingertips

BlinkShelf can be integrated into your application via native mobile SDKs or web API to extract full shelf data in real-time, including brand, UPC, product name, product position, size, price tag details, and more.


Processing works on-device or server-side.

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Mobile SDK

Turn any mobile device running on iOS or Android into an AI-powered grocery shelf scanner.


Send shelf images (taken from various systems or points of view) as API calls and get the parsed data results back.

Use Cases

Simplify field execution or deliver the next wave of grocery retail AI innovation
and in-store customer experiences.

Field Execution

  • Improve auditing and task efficiency
  • Identify and correct compliance issues
  • eCommerce fulfillment
  • Professional shopping
  • Inventory management
  • Autonomous checkout

Consumer Experiences

  • Track pricing and promotion execution at shelf
  • Assisted product discovery
  • Enablement of in-store media
  • Merchandising and field sales
  • Share of shelf for market research
  • Category management

Ready to transform your in-store experience with AI product recognition?