Real-time purchase and promotion validation

Power your loyalty rewards whether your users are shopping in-store or online, in one store, or in many.

3B+ Microblink commerce parses more than three billion individual purchases every year.
15M Our product catalogue is the largest in the world with over fifteen million unique products, and more added every day.
$200B+ Over two hundred billion dollars of purchase data parsed
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Reward in real time

Being rewarded should be magical. Waiting around isn’t. Our real-time, on-device receipt processing SDKs and API elevates user experience and improves customer retention. Validate purchases and deliver promotions anywhere your customers shop, whether in-store or online.
Enhance your promotions
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First-party purchase data

While generic character recognition converts images to text, Microblink’s technology takes it a step further, translating confusing receipt descriptions and internal codes into products – regardless of retailer or receipt format. Our uses ML models to analyze the receipt text and expand the description against our product catalog. Validate purchases, deliver promotions and report on which specific items shoppers are buying with confidence.
Reward your customers
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In-store, e-Commerce, pick-up or drive-thru

Wherever and however purchases are made, we have it covered.
  • Paper Receipts: Process physical receipts with better-than-human levels of accuracy.
  • Digital Receipts: Read and extract data from e-receipts across all merchants with our automated email inbox linking solution.
  • Account Linking: Extract ongoing and historical purchase data from specific merchant accounts with ease.
Promote on every channel

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Ways to integrate

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iOS native mobile SDKs

Besides the core receipt scanning functionality, this SDK also provide optional functionality to capture receipt images.
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Android native mobile SDKs

Integrate into your existing Android applications and boost with highly-detailed, real-time purchase data capture.
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