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Best-in-class receipt scanning

Automate the capture of SKU-level purchase data from paper and digital receipts and eCommerce transactions using artificial intelligence.

3B+ Microblink commerce parses more than three billion individual purchases every year.
15M Our product catalogue is the largest in the world with over fifteen million unique products, and more added every day.
$200B+ Over two hundred billion dollars of purchase data parsed.
shopper intelligence

SKU-level at scale

You can’t be expected to know which short descriptions correspond with specific products across retailers. Our technology returns additional information about the products or the merchant not found on the physical receipt, using ML models to analyze the receipt text and expand the description against our product catalog.

Validate purchases, deliver promotions and report on which specific items shoppers are buying with confidence, and in real-time. We make it easier to power shopper panels and drive market research by removing barcode scanning and providing a seamless user experience.
Collect detailed data swiftly 
shopper int unparalleled

Unparalleled product catalog

We’ve built our own product catalog of 15 million UPCs (and growing) to ensure only the cleanest data is returned. We only ingest products once we know they are actually purchased, and as part of the ingestion process, we clean the brand name and category to align with our proprietary taxonomy.

We expand our catalog weekly through a combination of web crawling, manual annotation, and ongoing ML improvements driven by the vast volumes of receipts we process.
Utilize our catalog 
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Wherever and however purchases are made

Capture first-party purchase data with leading in-store and online purchase data extraction solutions. Automatically read and extract first-party purchase data from even the messiest of paper receipts, or reliably process digital receipts with our email inbox and online shopper account linking solutions.
Collect data from all channels 

Ways to integrate

ic mobile sdks ios cobalt

iOS native mobile SDKs

Core receipt scanning functionality plus the option to capture receipt images within your iOS apps.
ic mobile sdks android cobalt

Android native mobile SDKs

Integrate into your existing Android applications and extract highly-detailed, real-time purchase data.
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