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Read and digitally capture diverse payment cards, adding a layer of authentication to account funding and online payments.

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Mobile SDKs

Enhance your Android or iOS app with AI-driven credit card scanning. You'll find the sample code, release notes and everything else you need to integrate the SDK in the repositories below.

Android Native SDK for Android apps
iOS Native SDK for iOS apps
Capacitor Cross-platform SDK for apps built with Capacitor
Cordova Cross-platform SDK for Cordova, PhoneGap and Ionic apps
Flutter Cross-platform SDK for apps built with Flutter
React Native Cross-platform SDK for apps built with React Native

Web solutions

Integrate credit card scanning on the backend or frontend of your web app. You’ll find the JavaScript libraries, sample requests, as well as the integration guide for the API in the documentation below.

In-Browser SDK Scan credit cards inside a browser via a simple JavaScript integration
Self-hosted API Run BlinkCard as a Docker container on the backend of your web app

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