Real-time text recognition for mobile apps

Mobile SDK for reading ID cards, payment slips, invoices, IBAN, receipts and more…

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How to improve UX and eliminate manual data entry on mobile apps?

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Simple integration - iOS and Android. Works locally on a device. Ready to blend into your design.

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Solution advantages


Average recognition
time 500 ms


High precision
recognition and scanning


Works offline
without internet connection

Easy integration

Simply embedded
into any app

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[FOR DEVELOPERS] New year, new features, new API

After having shifted from traditional text recognition to a deep-learning approach and creating the new DeepOCR, we are working on supporting DeepOCR in our products. In order to be able to do that, we have to introduce some major changes to our existing API for mobile SDKs and to the license key formats. It’s a long one, but we encourage all devs who are working with our SDKs to give it a read.

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Did you know?

Photomath - the app that reads and solves mathematical problems in real-time by using a camera of a mobile device - is built on blinkOCR technology. In September 2016 new feature was added and it became the world’s first app solving also handwritten problems. It’s among top 5 educational apps with more than 60 million downloads.

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