Real-time text recognition for mobile apps

Mobile SDK for reading ID cards, payment slips, invoices, IBAN, receipts and more…

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Use camera to replace manual data entry!

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Simple integration - iOS and Android. Works locally on a device. Ready to blend into your design.

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Solution advantages


Average recognition
time 500 ms


High precision
recognition and scanning


Works offline
without internet connection

Easy integration

Simply embedded
into any app

News & Events

Finovate Spring

After a couple of years, we are back on Finovate’s stage. This time we’ll demo a new solution for the US market.

Blog: Seamless prepaid user registration

In a number of countries, regulators require telecom companies to register their new prepaid users. We can help remove as much friction as possible to make the user experience great.

Blog: US Voter Registration

The US presidential elections were never more interesting and the tight race who will replace Barack Obama as the president in the White House has reached into its last week. The 2016 Presidential elections are being called the most important elections since 1932 and that is because of the major differences between candidates and their parties. One of the crucial things is that lots of voters still have not registered

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Did you know?

Photomath - the app that reads and solves mathematical problems in real-time by using a camera of a mobile device - is built on blinkOCR technology. In September 2016 new feature was added and it became the world’s first app solving also handwritten problems. It’s among top 5 educational apps with more than 36 million downloads.

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