Automated receipt scanning and data extraction

SDK for real-time structured data extraction from consumer purchase receipts.

Real-time receipt scanner

Our proprietary SDK extracts every possible detail from consumer purchase receipts across the entire retail industry and our robust product cataloging system helps you make sense of the data you are collecting.

Blinkreceipt runs locally on a device (no server side), has high accuracy, scales infinitely, and is the most cost-effective way to collect consumer purchase data.

US retailers supported

Currently, it supports receipt scanning for over 80% of the US printed receipts, with a plan to increase US coverage to ~100% and expand internationally by the end of 2017.

Blinkreceipt is built on supervised deep learning. Our research engineers work on customized neural network models trained on huge datasets of manually labelled data. The system is built for mobile devices from the ground up - two times faster than regular tensorflow or torch.

Most common use-cases for blinkreceipt



Average recognition
time 500 ms


High precision
recognition and scanning


Works offline
without internet connection

Easy integration

Simply embedded
into any app

Customizable UI

Design it
as you wish


memory footprint

flexibility Created with Sketch.


Detection at angle
and in low light


iOS, Android
(contact us for others)

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