The most advanced OCR technology for mobile apps

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The most advanced OCR technology for mobile apps

BlinkOCR allows mobile app developers to solve a range of text recognition problems using a mobile device camera. Our high precision real-time text recognition is based on the latest research in machine learning and it is highly optimized for mobile devices.

Machine learning approach

BlinkOCR is designed as a custom-made machine learning system for OCR. Our research team is continuously finding new ways to design state-of-the-art neural networks, and our development team makes sure that the networks are running fast while requiring minimal memory. This enables high accuracy and speed when supporting even the most complex use cases.

Optimized for mobile

Developed and optimized specifically for mobile devices, BlinkOCR uses all the computing power of a mobile device for local real-time performance. Parallel processing with SIMD and multithreading, as well as our integrated camera management, enable us to give the fastest and most accurate OCR results.

Many possibilities

BlinkOCR technology is used in all our products to improve user experience in a wide variety of use cases: from mobile payments, onboarding of new users, KYC, expense tracking, ticket validation, check in at airports and hotels, to security and ID scanning for voting registration. We love to work on new challenging use cases that push our OCR development even further!



Average recognition
time 500 ms


High precision
recognition and scanning


Works offline
without internet connection

Easy integration

Simply embedded
into any app

Customizable UI

Design it
as you wish


memory footprint

flexibility Created with Sketch.


Detection at angle
and in low light


iOS, Android
(contact us for others)

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First download SDK from GitHub and then generate license key to activate. See how it works for your UI and in a specific use case.

Did you know?

Photomath - the app that reads and solves mathematical problems in real-time by using a camera of a mobile device - is built on blinkOCR technology. In September 2016 new feature was added and it became the world’s first app solving also handwritten problems. It’s among top 5 educational apps with more than 60 million downloads.

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